New YoYos

How often do you need to get a new yoyo if you use it all the time??

You never NEED to get a new yoyo. If you want to get another one, then you can do that when you want as long as you have the money for it.

Edit: Ok there is one time you might need to get a new yoyo. If you only have one yoyo and it hits something and breaks, or something similar to that.

Get as many yoyos as you want, but eep in mind you never need them, but its good to have variety.

Whenever I get bored of my older one.

Whenever I feel compelled to.
Remember, you can NEED something, but the Need is at different levels.

So I say, get one.

I really ever get a yoyo when

  1. My parents let me
  2. I have the cash

And this year since I’m goin’ to worlds both of them has happened so i can kiss $200 goodbye and say hello to 2 new yoyos :D.

When I feel like I need a new experience.

Thinking about it:

I haven’t bought a yo-yo from a store in several months. I usually trade for yo-yos for buy cheap off of the BST.