When are you like "wow, I have to have a new throw"


What is your tipping point?
Maybe you have some extra money layin around.
Maybe you lost your old yo.
Maybe you got a raise?

lets hear it


Every day.



Whenever theres something coming out that I want I save up for it.



“Oh hey it’s payday!”

It’s actually is payday and I am considering something.


All day everyday 24/7.


Mostly available funds. At any given time there’s at least one yoyo (more likely a dozen) that I’d buy without too many questions asked.


For me it is whenever I have some spare cash sitting around.

(DOGS) #10

Hardly ever.


When I’m sitting on the computer and one looms cool.


When I get extremely bored of the ones I have bin using.


Constantly. I probably love BSTing as much as I love actual yoyoing. Though I rarely buy retail because it’s so much more fun to haggle.


When I try a new yoyo and think, I have to get one of these!


In the last 2 months of finally exploring and using the BST, I’ve become a little addicted. It’s such a great tool to finding an trying anything you want.

There hasn’t been a week so far this year that a box hasn’t been in my mail. It’s great. My mom and sister just the other day saw me opening probably the 20th box this year and rolled their eyes xD


Whenever I see a new yo that I know I have to have.


About once a month, sometimes more.


That’s about what I allow myself as well


I haven’t gotten anything new from a store since the hour was released. And other than that, the most recent used thing I got was a bbyy tt a few months back. I’ve found other hobbies to spend copious amounts of money on, because I found that my current collection feels like more than enough. Unless something really spectacular comes out, don’t really have many plans on buying anything new in the near future.


When I click the new releases button in the site header, usually.