How often to buy yoyos?

How often do you guys buy yoyos?

When I first started it was around 2 yoyos a month and if I saw a good deal I’d just buy it anyways since I could just sell it if I didn’t like it. That was probly the first 7 months or so until I had more yoyos than could fit in my case. From that point on I mostly just traded unless it was something I specifically wanted and I didn’t have anything the other person wanted.

Currently I haven’t bought anything since the Lucky Box which is really the only thing I buy these days.

About once a year or 2 it usually happens when I get extra money from babysitting or something and I am gawking at a Yoyo in this case as of now it’s the OD benchmark h and chik! (been looking at some one drops been wanting to try some different brands.)

Depends if I want a yoyo or not :wink:

5-6 times a year. Cal States, BAC, Nats, my birthday, a random YYE sale, and Christmas time.

After food, gas, insurance, and various other expenses, I’m not left with a lot of money for yoyos.

So not nearly often enough…

The last time I actually bought a yoyo was for the yyf mystery boxes, I got one of the extras they released a few months later so I got one of the last five. But recently I’ve just been trading, as a matter of fact I got a confetti cliff and a delrin severe today off a trade.

For me it’s been nearly 2 years between yo-yo purchases - I was kinda spoiled when was around as Dave would pretty much send me anything I asked for. I dropped out of the scene for a long time, but since coming back it’s quite a shock to the system to see the prices of the high-end product now. They are obviously worth the cost and people seem to love them, I definitely need to pick up some of the stuff from OneDrop and CLYW just to see what’s changed (and of course, document them for the Museum).

About once or twice a year but I buy like 3 or 4 at a time

2-3 times a year.

When I first started working I bought a new throw every month for about a year. The following year I stared buying stuff 2nd hand off the bst. That cut the number of brand new purchases down a lot.

When I first started throwing I picked up a lot of throws in a short time, until I was really clear what I liked throwing. From thereon I’ve mostly only bought new throws I’ve been really really keen on. Unfortunately, unlike great and loyal people like TA who wait out product available here at YYE, I mostly order from abroad, unless I have a choice in which case I’ll YYE-up. I’ll happily BST a yoyo or two a month though. However, I can’t cope with people trying to make money on the BST, seems like it ruins the concept to me, so I try and give as many people a good deal on a good throw as I can. Once a month I allow myself to pay above the odds for a throw I’m after, if I can find it on the BST. As an addendum, the BST has allowed me to find forum members who I think are absolutely fantastic, and would chat with regularly if I could.

I didn’t know there were extras!

How did you find out?

Not often. The last one I got was back in November. Sinking more money into my dj rig currently. The ones I DO get are normally on the cheaper end. Onestars, Magic yoyos, stuff like that.

I’m currently only looking to really replace things, or knock off stuff that’s been on the wants list for a year, and even then, not in a real rush to do it.

I swore an Oath to myself, to only buy yoyos on weekdays and weekends.

And only 4 weeks of each month and 12 months each year.

I refuse to let Yoyo buying become habit forming.

There are advantages to Yoyo buying, though. I built a 4 car garage, behind my house, using nothing but Priority mailing boxes. And made a full size hammock from used string.

I bought a Custom Bred puppy that is shaped exactly like a Dog. So I can literally ‘Walk the Dog’.


It depends on a lot of factors. But, it especially depends greatly upon:

  1. How many new and interesting yo-yos are released;
  2. What my budget will allow at that time; which is also relative to…
  3. Competing interests (what other things I want at that time).

Some months, my interests are mostly yo-yos, and other months I find something else I want. So, it depends on what is going on in life. I don’t have a set budget for yo-yos, so my spending changes over the course of the year, from month to month.

How often do you breathe?

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whenever there’s a retail yoyo release i really want in a colorway i really like that i know will sell out

whenever theres a yoyo on the bst for a low price that i really wanted to buy retail to try but didnt bother because i knew id find it cheaper on the bst eventually and i was in no hurry to get it

whenever im really bored or depressed and feel like lighting money on fire so that i can enjoy receiving something in the mail, opening it and playing with it until i get bored of it and put it on the bst

Whenever I have money XD

Not often