You know when you need a new yoyo when...

1.) When you are doing 4a and your yoyo falls in the pool.

Yours can’t yo

You got the funds for a new yoyo.


You watch in horror as a Bradley runs over the DV888 that ninja’d out of your pocket…

…you haven’t bought one in a WHOLE week.


You haven’t bought a Yoyo in a WHOLE year.
Saving up for the new Model of a Company and then when your about to buy it the company creates another yoyo for 20$ more EXPENSIVE

When you want to

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You know when you want a new yoyo when…

Fixed. Yoyos and yoyoing are hobbies. I’m sure you need food, clothing, and shelter more than you ‘need’ a new yoyo. Priorities, everyone.

Sorry to ruin the party.

…unless you’re starting a new yoyoing style that needs different kinds of yoyos [2a or 4a] then that’s an exception.



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Erasmus a theologian and scholar) once said “when I get a little money I buy book. And if any is left I buy food and clothes.”

When I get a little money I buy yoyos…

Clearly, Erasmus never had a yoyo. I bet he could have written a book about it… I think.

I have it reversed. When I get a little money, I buy food and clothing. And if any is left I buy microphones/yoyos/audio gear/computer and/or parts.

When you accidentally drop your yoyo into a volcano, so it melts then forms itself back to a regular yoyo, and the only way to save the world from it is to buy another yoyo.

when someone walks the dog with your metal throw on concrete.

When Anti yo comes out with the YWET Vs Newton comes out with a new design.

You know you need a new yoyo every time you see a new yoyo!

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Because it’s TODAY!!