How often should i replace my actual yoyo?

Your actual yoyo? You mean your main player? It depends, what yoyo are you talking about? If its dinged, scratched, the whole 9 yards, yeah, replace it. It depends how good the player is. If they hit it against walls, or put love marks on it, yeah. Replace it. But if you never do those, I don’t see why you should.

What Spencer said. Except that by the time it is all dinged up and stuff it wouldn’t really be worth it to get rid of if it still plays well. If you mean just getting a new one, whenever you think you need or want to. I often end up doing it only when I find a yoyo I really want or when I find a great deal, but that’s just me.

Thanks. Just because Johnnie, or anybody set his Hitman’s rims on fire and re-formed them, doesn’t mean its not playable. Altough, it would play bad… :stuck_out_tongue:

personly if it dinged i still dont throw my yoyo out or sell them there my babies and there speacal

Until it gets pretty much broken.
But, you should cherish every yo-yo you have ;]

Until it no longer spins.

Never, no yoyo should be replaced but u can get a new one

Yeah, just maintain it.

Whenever you get bored of your old one. That’s what I do.

i do it when i find one that i want or fits me better

I get a new one when i get more money. ;D