Multiple Choice

If you dinged your most expensive yoyo for the first time would you

A: Go on with life

B: Quit yoyoing

C: Scream and throw the yoyo which dings it up even more

D: Replace it

You should put this in a poll, man
Instead of “new topic” click on “post new poll”

Also, start swearing loud as heck is what I do ;D , so C

All of the above if I have the money

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

I used to make a big deal out of it, but then I realized that a ding can either ruin your day or make you laugh at yourself.

So I choose to laugh at myself when I ding my yoyos lol

Choice A easily.

Ya just live with it.

Sounds weird but I like to buy yoyos with dings so I don’t worry about it…

Do you mean your most expensive yoyo? Your most valuable yoyo is one you get the most out of, so you are bound to ding it eventually if you are throwing it all the time. Go on with life and take your favorite yoyo with you.

Either A or D :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep playing/finish out the combo, then check the yoyo over, and continue throwing. AKA, Option A

Here is a link to a post just made last week on the subject of Dings>,91427.msg1011558.html#msg1011558

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Haha. A all the way…

Doesn’t sound weird at all. You get a discount too!

If it’s a nice yoyo that I like, I curse and then move on. I will probably actually enjoy it more, because I’ll be more relaxed after awhile with the ding out of the way.

To me the very worst is when I have an expensive yoyo that I shelved, because I didn’t like it much. So, I decide to sell it, but think to throw it again to make sure I don’t like it. Sure enough I choose that moment to ding it! Now, it’s not worth as much… >:(