what do you think/do when you ding your yoyo?

what do you think/do when you ding your yoyo?

i think “now i have to take new pics :P”

I usually laugh it off

now you continue

-Now the price will drop
-Dang it!
-I have to start using my yo-yos over carpet…

Great, onto the bst…

I think, huh I missed that toss.
Or dang that was a loose bind.
Or oh crap its running down the street, I better catch it.
I don’t personaly care about dings.

“About time.”


@$*( IT!!!

Holy %*&^

I don’t ding my yoyo’s

When I ding my yoyos: CRAP!!! Dang it!!! Are you serious!?!?

When ding my friends yoyos: Well ****. I swear the string broke (it actually did).

i just shed a tear… and i TRY to get on with my life!


Whew! Glad that wasn’t my bare toe.

Anyone smell anno?

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Haha, that was pretty hard look how big it is!
Or just keep yoyoing!
Or maybe rage quit and throw it out(Just Kidding,they will get dinged,so I dont care really at all)

I don’t.

When someone else dings my yoyos, I shrug and say “It’s all good.”

Unless I’ve killed the yoyo, I don’t think about it.

Y aonly time I cared was when I dinged my bassalope to vibe a little but it was fixed with tuning,satin,and polish

This is the same guy who was trying to sell a “Walked-the-dog-on-concrete-with-it-100-times” code 1 for $10,000

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Actually, it’s $15,000. And, it’s in mint box. :wink:


Brilliant! ;D