When you buy, do you do this?

Just wondering how some of you behave when you buy a yoyo.

For me, I am going forward with the understanding that certain parts wear and need to be replaced. So, these days, I’m making sure when I buy a new yoyo, I ensure I have purchased appropriate response system replacements(as applicable), at least one spare axle and at least one spare bearing, UNLESS I already have those items in my inventory. I figure if something might go wrong, I want to be covered in the unlikely event something does go wrong.

String, I have plenty of so I’m not stocking up on that for a while.

I also find sticking with one or two brands lets me not have to buy as much variety in replacement parts.

Axles are so cheap, as well as response pads/rings, it’s almost a no-brainer. Bearings, well, that can be a different issue.

I don’t want to go silicone my own yoyos at this point in time. Seems a waste of my time and money unless I’m going to go do a bunch of them at once.

Or are the rest of you so well stocked up that all you really need is the yoyo?

I have no stock what so ever. No spare axles, no spare response. no spare bearings… nothing.

The only thing is string, other than that, i silicone my own yoyo’s, which probably takes me like 2 minutes max out of my time and saves me the effort of buying them online and then waiting the extra days for it to arrive…

Iv never had an axle get stripped. Iv had bearings lock up, but all i do is switch them with another from a different yoyo, and later on i get it replaced.

Back to your question: Do i do stock up on everything before buying a yoyo? No. I just buy what i want.

When I’m looking to buy a yoyo I look for a yoyo that is different from my other yoyos. I personally don’t want my yoyos to have the same feel to them, I want to be able to which my yoyos around and keep things fresh.

I also look into what others think about them to see if they have any serious cons to them (Durability etc…).

But other then that I mainly look for something that looks cool to me. :slight_smile:

I don’t ever buy string because I make my own and I never buy pads because I silicone my yoyos and I don’t buy bearings as well maybe I should but they cost so much…

Same here. I don’t purposely stock spare parts. But occasionally I will come across a spare bearing by purchasing it or receiving it in a trade. If a bearing stops working in a yoyo I really like I will take the bearing from another yoyo I don’t play as much and try to clean and lube the bearing that is acting up.

I also use axles from old yoyos I don’t use frequently and purchase a replacement when I order string or a new throw.

I have been stripping my beaters of pads, axles, and bearings.

I use flowable because it takes little time and is much cheaper. It also last much longer and isn’t prone to losing its stickiness like K pads are. I hate replacing pads. I do love K pads though. So I keep some in stock in case I don’t feel like replacing worn out silicone.

“Oooooh pretty”

end of transaction


If something breaks, I just move a working part from another yoyo into that one.simple enough

I think limiting yourself to one or two brands is a shame. You miss out on a lot.

If it looks interesting, and the general opinion is that it works better as a yoyo than as a paper weight, I might buy it.

That’s more or less my entire process of deciding what to buy…

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I actually do a lot of research before I commit to purchasing an expensive throw. The con to this is that most of the time what I want is out of stock before I get a chance to grab it which makes me have to wait till it pops up on the BST. Especially when I’m looking at CLYW, One Drop, or VsNYYC which I just recently gained interest in…albeit that interest is fading now. The pro is most of the time I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. Then I use throws that I don’t like as much to trade and try other companies.

I usually save up. A lot of money and only buy yogis at worlds and stock up on parts

wow, that’s actualy smart buying. i’m gonna have to start doing that

I can agree and concede that limiting myself to 1 or 2 brands right now may be limiting, but I’m new and am purposely trying to keep what I do buy fully operational for 2+ years as I learn and improve. I don’t want to get nickel and dimed having to buy little parts here and there because the shipping adds up.

Once i get some skills, I intend to branch out.

Part of my thought process is that I spent a LOT of time out on the road doing tours and stuff for rock shows and things of that nature. We carry spares and an inventory to be able to do many repairs on site. Some repairs are more complex, so it may actually take a couple of days, which means we might have a big piece of gear making life inconvenient for those living out of the tour bus while the repairs complete. We even carry commodity type items like tapes, bulk cable, batteries, connectors, fuses, rack screws, rails and other stuff like that we can get anywhere just so we don’t have downtime. When we run low, we immediately ensure the promoter has some waiting for us at one of the next stops coming up.

So, when something needs some “love”, it’s right there, ready to go.

Plus, my case is looking a bit stuffed right now, with all sorts of little plastic zip-type bags labeled with what it is and what it is for, as necessary.

Heh I have a dual siliconed FHZ that has the never cleaned bearing still in it. Plays just fine and I’ve never replaced the silicone. Going on 4 years I think. so I see no need in parts. lol

I gotta deal with accident prone in-laws that can’t keep their hands to themselves and kids who destroy everything they can get their hands on. I even move my case of yoyos out of their reach and the only thing productive they do is build some sort of platform so they can get the case they aren’t supposed to crack into!

Oh, plus I think my wife is secretly wanting to throw as well, but if she’s gonna keep tossing my Dark Magic II, she’s gonna eventually wreck it. She’s shorter than I am so the string is too long for her. I wish she’d use the Brain I set up for my daughter(or her ONE that she’s promoted to) because the string’s about the right length.

Cut her string.


Are you saying no to the op or to his last post?