How picky are you about your yoyo string, bearings and pads?

I’m interested on how people feel about this. I probably most picky about string but not to the point where I NEED to use one brand of string and nothing else. Just trying to see how others view their gear, and why they feel that way.


As long as my yo-yo has a concave bearing I’m chillin.


I tend to like Yoyo String lab Type X for non-wooden fixed axles. I buy it in bulk. That said, I am not afraid to try other string (some I’ve loved, some not so much). For pads, Sengoku Katana or One Drop flow groove are my favorites. However, when I get a yoyo, I use whatever response it has in place, until I need to replace them.


I’m quite picky about string (both brand and length), bearings, and response. It seems that most higher level players don’t care very much about these things. One day I hope to reach that level! :grin:


I’ve got no brand loyalty for string, but my two favorite strings (Plutonium and Venom) happen to be made by YYSL. I like to try new strings and sometimes add a pack of something random to my YYE order just to try it. So I’ve got a variety on hand to test out in any new throw and one day my favorites may or may not be unseated by a new champion.

I’ve never messed with the response pads in any of my yoyos, if it doesn’t bind the way I like then I resort to trying different strings until it does. Usually that works for me but the yoyos that I play the most are the ones that work well with Plutonium or Venom.

Sometimes when I switch throws it takes a bit to get used to the new one which I don’t mind, having different strings on different throws is part of what makes them interesting and variated and keeps me playing everything in my collection.



I don’t need specifics to have fun.

I do find some things perform better.

I also know there is a value element to it too.


Strings I like the alphaline , twisted strings , original throw.

Pads I don’t really change these much.

I am not the type to set each yo-yo up with a different string thickness or anything like that . I mostly just leave the Yoyos stock unless a bearing or pad craps out on me.

When I swap a bearing out I mostly use Buddha bearings or nsk bearings


I’m definitely not picky about pads. I keep em stock until they get too slippy then replace them with whatever I have at the time. HOWEVER… I do love OD pads and wish they made a standard size so I could use them in all my throws.

Bearings, I’m really picky about. I tend to swap them around between my throws a lot until I find the right bind consistency, sound, smoothness, etc for each one. I don’t really have any shape I prefer over the other, just what works best with a specific yoyo.

Strings have been a struggle. I’ve tried a bunch and I landed on Sochi Fat as my general go to, until recently. I’ve had one too many bags of strings with poorly wound strings at this point to keep buying them. So, even though it costs a bit more, I’m on Kitty Fat right now and I’ll stay with that until the classic ones are all gone… then I’ll have to figure something else out. I also really like the slicc strings by @BadWolfeCo but I’m still getting used to them. They whip so good that I find myself over-whipping a lot of the time. I’m making an effort right now to use them more though.


@Shapapy Use flowable silicone it really is about the same as OD pads and I prefer them as well

like how the OD pads mention on there “like flowable silicone but without the mess”. It’s also not that messy if you use it right and follow instructions

Meant to hit reply but whatever on phone is strange.

I typically like concave bearings almost always and I’m not picky on them as long as are quiet and don’t lock up and spin long.

String still figuring out but like the c3yoyodesign fat pink the best so far


You need to adjust to the yo-yo. The cheaper string you’re not particularly fond of, may be perfect for a snaggy yo-yo…or the less grippy pads have found a home.

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I think you are unintentionally putting an incorrect ‘twist’ on this matter.

Picky, does not necessarily apply.

There, to me, are 2 primary groups we are dealing with: people that throw what they have as long as it works ok… and people that are spend the time to ‘adjust’ their yo-yo performance by bearing maintenance, string options and pad functionality.

If a person doesn’t feel the bearing in a certain yo-yo is cutting it, he makes an adjustment/change, etc. the string has to jive with the gap, the pads, the bearing. If the pads are too grabby or slippery, then you might change out the pads>>>>>>><<<<<< after trying a few different string types to see if it may just be the string and pads not cooperating.

….Think of it this way… a car>

Some people get the keys, start the car, put it in gear and drive. If the car works, they simply drive it.

Others may walk around the car first to check for low tires. Now and then, check the oil and other fluids. Use good gasoline. Tune the car as necessary for top performance.

I don’t feel picky enters into this. It’s more about making the effort to dial in your yo-yo.

No choice is incorrect.

And then again, some people like to struggle with their yo-yos and blame the yo-yo for not functioning to their satisfaction. Instead of accepting that a small part of throwing may just involve learning how to adjust and use their equipment.

Sorry if you don’t like my answer. I’m kinda picky about the questions I answer.:nerd_face:


I am very picky about my pads. They are always much too grippy for my taste these days. Though I rarely find myself changing them🤔

String doesn’t thickness doesn’t matter to me, unless they are too thick (and by too thick I mean THICK) or too thin (like thin enough to cut up my hands) I do get very upset if my string is too long and very very upset if my string is too short.

Bearings don’t matter to me unless they are playing responsive or very loudly.

I PREFER centertrack, but concave is fine. I like polyester strings( haven’t tried any other) and 19mm slim pads

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Longer I play less I care about those things. I do however like trying the new string brands that pop up, and if I really, really love a yoyo I may buy a YYR DS or OD 10ball for it, I just like both of those bearings a lot. Pads, whatever fits works for me.

Mostly I play the yoyo the way it arrives to me, with whatever string is closest. Usually with Kitty Fat, or some of the Zipline I just bought.


Really unpicky.

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I’m not picky at all about pads or bearings, as long as they’re working. I like bearings to not be super noisy, but I have three dogs who shed like crazy so that’s kind of a foregone conclusion. Also I’m cheap, and tbh I’d probably really get into it if I actually got around to buying bearings but I haven’t yet.

String, I’m less picky than you’d think but sort of picky. I don’t like bulk string, at least none that I’ve tried. I play almost exclusively Bad Wolfe Co, partly because I like them best (I make them for myself first and foremost) and partly because I’m cheap and making strings is cheaper than buying them. That’s why I started making strings in the first place, then people liked them so I started experimenting more and selling them. All of that to say, I’m actually not super picky as long as strings aren’t just plain bulk. Mine, Zipline, Airetic, all great. I just have more of mine than anything else.


Strings. Fairly picky. I like a few different brands and types within those brands, but exact string for X throw varies based on response, play, etc. And, sure, mood (do I feel like full nylon, poly/nylon, pure poly on a given day?).

Bearings. Generally prefer some type of centering bearing, but not picky so long as it’s not annoyingly loud, doesn’t seize up, etc.

Response. Stock is usually fine with me.


For response I have a lot of yoyos that use Flow Groove or Core Co pads, yoyos with those use the specific pads they were meant for. For 19mm slim pads I use Shadowpads (Throwback Skilltoys) mostly because I bought a bunch early on before I knew how often I’d be replacing pads lol. I use Alphaline on all my throws. I prefer V shaped centering bearings for unresponsive, and greased up flat bearings for responsive.

I definitely like a centering bearing. I have not changed pads in a long time but I am not picky about brands I guess because I never had to replace many. I have no string brand loyalty. I have a big stock of Bad Wolfe Co, Zipline, Markmont, and Kitty so when I get a yoyo, I find which string feels best. Sometimes I just switch strings to give my throwing experience a different feel which sometimes makes the yoyo feel like a new yoyo that I’ve never thrown before.

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Not too picky. I have favorites but gimme a centering bearing, decent poly string and standard playing pads, and i’m chilling.

Edit: oh i just realized i replied to andy specifically. i meant this to be a general reply.

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