How often?


How often do you order new throws? I get one like every 2-5 months.


it really doesnt matter if there is a new throw that u want and have money just get it :wink:


depends on when i have money


When I have money and see something I want.


for me i get one every month and a half.

(Hardcore_Max) #6

For me it just depends on if there is something I like or think I might like, one month I might buy 3 new yoyos but then I won’t buy another for 4 months later.

(Mark) #7

I would say 8 to 12 months.


I need to organize my money well so I make it twice a year…


When I started I was getting a 3 weeks to a month, I got the Velocity and Dark Magic within the first month and a half. After that I slowed down and got my Dv888 a couple weeks later and kept that for a month and a half, and I recently got a Dingo and Beysick as birthday presents.