How many throws do you buy a year?

The excitement over the CLYWxOnedrop collaboration and the numerous times I’ve read “2013 is going to be a great year!” got me wondering: How many throws do you buy a year? New, used, whatever.

Maybe you buy every new release. Maybe you allow yourself one a year, or two if you exhibit good behavior. Maybe you sell one for every new addition you add.

Thanks for sharing.

I always think to myself about these questions.

My answer is always the same.

Too many.

Haven’t been playing for a year yet. But I’m on track to have 20+ yoyos. The majority are inexpensive plastics, gifts, bang-for-the-buck champs (C3 Capless, Mystery Box Avant Garde for example), or BST gems.

I will probably spend around $500 on yoyos and yoyo accessories this year. That’s not at all bad for a hobby I’m pretty passionate about!

Totally. I’m a big fan of film, and you can’t imagine how much some of these import Blu-rays costs. Ugh, ha. I’d say you’re doing good keeping it to $41.66 a month. :smiley:

well… ever since I discovered the buy/sell/trade thing, things have gone a bit crazy. Only been throwing for three and a half-ish months now, and I currently have 14 yoyos. I have owned 32 different yoyos… but here is the redeeming part. I have only spent $263 total on yoyos and I currently have 5 clyws 3 onedrops 1 gsquared etc… So I say that is justifiable-ish.

God, I’ve bought atleast a dozen in 2013

Well, I think I just passed my first anniversary of throwing last weekend. The collection currently stands at 63. Probably about 75 if you count the stuff I’ve sold or given away.


Too many :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to limit myself to one a month, but that’s already been broken by 3 this month.

Hopefully we wont get many more new releases for a while so my bank account can stock back up!

Last yeah was around 500 :slight_smile:

Same. Started December 2012 and I have 25+ so far, not counting the ones on transit.

I started in September of 2012 and I have 17.

Loop 900s x2
Avante Garde x3
Yyf whistling x2
Fiesta xx

I don’t think I missed any.

I’ve been throwing (after a looooong break) for about two months now. In that two months I’ve gotten:

  • Dark Magic II
  • Legacy II
  • Avalanche
  • Cascade
  • Supernova
  • Code 2
  • Arctic Circle
  • Chief
  • Civility (forthcoming)

I keep telling myself “okay, this is the last yoyo for a while”; I really need to start listening to myself.

Maybe 3 or 5 by myself, but then I get them for christmas and birthdays…

now that i think about it, i averagely buy 1 throw every month. doesnt feel like i have that many throws though! Haha.
but most of them are cheaper plastics anyways.

I’ve been playing for a little over a year and I only have about a dozen throws…

I started using the BST after Christmas and so far this year, I have spent $800 on yoyo/accessories, but I have also made a little over $600 selling them off. So I’m sitting at $180ish spent this year. Which is okay with me.

Last year I bought one a month, to build my collection. So far this year I have gone through probably 20 yoyos since the start of the year.

The short answer: I’ll have gone through too many yoyos :smiley:


Anyways, I haven’t gotten any yoyos this year. However, I do plan on buying the CLYWxOD collab. Last year I bought 3 or 4 yoyos.

A lot