How many throws do you have?

I have 3 so far…

That are high end? I have 5 high end throws and including cheap plastics I probably have about 15.

nah, im a beginner

about 23 or soooo.

I have a large collection that’s growing to meet expanding needs.

1: I need variety. This is not just so I don’t get bored, but will be more evident why later.
2: I need yoyos for all styles. This goes with variety but because I also intend to be able to do SOME stuff in all styles. I don’t intend to be an expect.
3: Sometimes I just impulse buy stuff.
4: Sometimes a deal is too good to pass up
5: Sometimes I just gotta have it.
6: Sometimes I have to rescue a yoyo from a bad home. I picked up an abused Beysick that seemed to have suffered emotionally at the hands of it’s previous owner, who admitted to not liking it.

So, it’s at 53 items at the moment. 51 are in my possession, 2 should be shipping to me tomorrow. I have a bunch of others planned to get.

I’m planning an “alternate activity” yoyo exposure event in schools, about an hour or less. Some demo, some Q&A, some videos. We’re trying to get kids active and prevent obsesity, so not all kids can do sports, but those who can’t do sports can often do yoyo. We can’t win them all, but if we win a few, that’s great. Being able to show diversity, variety and prices can really help parents to buy into the hobby if their kids show an interest. SO, having a large collection to show helps people get more excited. Low priced items also get parents more at ease. I mean, if I’m doing something with a $100+ yoyo, but I can also show them a $10 good one, they’ll go for that.

All my yoyos are documented in a database that shows specs and notes regarding all of what I have.

Stuff ranges from Duncan Imperials to CLYW throws. YYJ, YYF, RecRev, H-Spin, Shinwoo, OneDrop, Aoda, Werrd, Yomega, Crucial and more.


Never enough… :wink:

way too many to call it rational in any way. certainly too many to keep track of how many… which is probably too many.

… but i like em.

Sums it up for me!

More than I need, but I need more! If you don’t understand you never will, if you do understand “Hi Bro.” ;D

Yep, I’ve never wanted a new yoyo in my life, but there have been numerous times when I needed one. :wink:

I have 15 full metals, 2 bi-metals and a crap load of cheap plastics. thousands of dollars…


i use to have a lot of plastics… but i have been trading them for metals… but keeping a few plastics for friends to try it out and when out in public… showing them to kids!!!

I use to have like 20, now its down to like 10 or less… trading and giving them away…

Like Ed, I’m not counting. I can say more than 200 though.

I have 2 that I actually like but in all I have 6-8.

i only have about 15ish…only 4 of which are metals. 2 are bi-metals and the rest are plastic. I PLAN to quit buying yoyos soon! :slight_smile:

i’ve been yoyoing for 2 years and i only have 5 yoyos?

13 ;D and i use aalmost all of them. all except my YYJ kickside and Shinwoo Techno 2