How many?


How many yoyos do you have? I have 4. Soon its my birthday and my parents wouldn’t allow me to buy another one since they think I have too much yoyo. Is that too much? So how many do you have?


I have 11.

Tell your parents that it is a hobby you’re in charge of. My parents bugged me about the same thing when I started yoyoing and now they don’t question me

(M.DeV1) #3

I have 30-40. ::slight_smile:


Collections grow with time :wink: 4 isn’t a lot really, but that also depends on how long you’ve been yoyoing. In my collection, I have 6. Two high ends, two beaters, and two looping yoyos. It’s been a couple months for me, and I’ve been cautious about my purchases. The thing you want to be sure not to do is dive into it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have about 36 or 37 :slight_smile: you get so many at contests


Last count I had lost count. Somewhere around the neighborhood of 70. I have been collecting different yo-yos for many years. Honestly though I have to say really good throws capable decent tricks, less than 20.

Wait for Studio42. I think that guy carries around a museum with him.


Been in the game for a couple years yet I’m stuck at 7. (2 highend)



I played for about one years and little more
Do i have lots of yoyo?


I currently have 15 with a 16th on the way and I’ve only been throwing for like 4 months.

I think i need to go to yoyo rehab lol as i clearly have a problem.


25 counting all of them, 15 are playable!




I’ve been throwing for maybe a 1 and a half years and I have 11 throws. 6 of which I actually use.

(George Wollaston) #13

Coming up to around 30. About 10 of them are YYJ Bi-metals, several of them are plastics and about 5 of them are full metals.


42 playable in my cases at the moment, one unplayable Fireball (circa 1999), one cracked Northstar, and two more (a Crucial Cupcake and SPYY Dynamo) on the way.



last I’ve checked, around 60, but I’m selling most of my collection now


Probably around 100. Haven’t counted them recently, they’re scattered around the house, and a couple in the car. All but a few get played over the course of time.

(Waylon) #17

I’ve got something like 15 after four years. Only a few metals. 10 or so are playable. It’s funny how they all get played and kept as a collection out of simple sentimentality.

(Waylon) #18

Some people are happy with only one or two yoyos. Some people have large collections. It’s all a matter of opinion.


Right now I have 10. I’ve got 7 more coming the mail, but I’m going to be selling most of those.

I have no idea how people have more than 20. I can barely decide what to throw right now…

(Steve Brown) #20

About a hundred-ish?

Should have another 50 or so coming back to me from the National YoYo Museum soon (ha ha, yeah right). At one point I had about 2000 but then I sold off the bulk of my collection. Now I keep a handful of vintage stuff that I like, and a 72-case of dedicated players.