How many yoyos do you own?

(Trickster) #1

Heres your chance to brag about your collection. Either post how many throws you have or any rare ones youve been wanting to talk about.


Isn’t this the same thing?





I have 13

(WildCat23) #5



Oh… Were just giving a number… Well then. Sorry.



about 30



(UmeNagisa) #9

47 and counting!

  1. (Not including cheapie throws such as One, Metal Drifter, etc.)


90…maybe more.

(2Sick Joey) #12

Around 37 off the top of my head

(WildCat23) #13

Awaits Mr. Yoyo Trader’s count of like 1000


3 and growing


2 and one is a cheap plastic


8 in the case that i play. Then maybe another 70 in a box. Plus a few boxes of modder fodder, and odd halts and stuff.


Only 2 that I really use.


I don’t feel like counting. I’ve sold about 100 of them so I’m down to about 70 or so…


Not yet, only about 400 in my collection. I did send a box of yoyos(I sold) last month, it was 19.8 pounds to a guy in Atlanta . he has a museum in his house. He has about 4500 yoyos. tim
P.S. I do have about 300 in my selling inventory for selling and trading. I do not count them as in my collection, but as far as what I have, I guess you could say 700. Look for a big sell this weekend. tim


I had 47 and regretfully sold most of my collection over the years. Now that I’m back, I have 10 and re-growing.