how many yoyos is too many?

i have 2 as of now.(good ones i mean) and my dad thinks thats too many…so tell me how many you guys have. and i’ll tell you how mad my dad will get if he saw you collection ;D

65 ;D

11 in total but only 5 good ones.

12 Good ones and like 90 more junkers

I have like, 18 good metals. 8)

As long as you can fit them in your room, you can have all you want. But I only have 3.

I get tired of counting after 200

i give away the plastic duncan stuff like butterflies bc i dnt really consider it part of the collection. just takes up space.

Man, probably six good playing metals that I love, and are nice and decent.

3 metals, and a northstar. With 2 metals on the way in trades, and a PGM from Yoyoexpert. I had 40 bucks left at worlds, and it was the $20 888s, and i was only able to get one. My 3rd yoyo at worlds, and my dad decided i had to much of the same thing… :’(

I have about 14 good yoyos and 5 metals that are good

I dont think any is too many.
i have 32, and i still want more.
you know your own limit. I dont find mine yet.
I know josh once feel like he own too much.

How high is UP?? ::slight_smile:


5 good one broken. I plan on getting more this weekend.

The question probably comes down to how many yoyos you want vs. how many you need.

I have 5 and that’s plenty for me. I won’t be buying any more. I have 3 plastics, 1 responsive, 1 semi-responsive and 1 dead unresponsive. The other 2 are excellent non-responsive metals. I’d still be very happy with only 3 of the 5 so for me, 4 or more is probably too many.

In what manner ???

There is no right or even proper answer to this question. It’s all preference and where your priorities for spending your money lay (or your parents as the case may be).

As many as the number of posts in the “How High Can we Go thread!!!” :smiley:

If you think you have too many, there’s a good chance that you might have too many. If you want more, there’s a good chance that you don’t have too many.

I have 30 or 40 or so.

keep your yoyo spinning


You only need one yoyo. When it comes to wanting there isn’t a limit to how many to have. I love having a bunch of yoyos because it gives me a throwing variety.