Collection size limit

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I’ve had a good run of getting yoyos the last few months. I’m kinda almost thinking my collection is too large. It’s meager compared to some, but I’m only one man and can only throw one yoyo at a time right now. Anyone else have this problem? Do you set a limit?


I’m going to try not to limit the number I have but the number I can acquire over a given time period. Hopefully that means I only pick up the throws I really want, and it also gives me an incentive to choose as carefully as I can.

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I can’t have enough, but unfortunately, that causes me not to play some.


I set my limit to what my case can hold - 11. Right now I’ve got 9 high-end metals (that I’m not selling) and a Protostar.

I’d love and hate to have more. It’d be cool to have all these awesome yoyos that I like, but I’d rarely play some of them. Might as well as pass them along to someone who’s actually going to use them.


I also can’t have enough. I try to play them all since that’s why they were purchased, but some just don’t get thrown that often. But I remember purchasing them all and they’re all worth while and a part of the collection so I can’t really get rid of them even if I don’t play them very often.


I have 4 and don’t get them that often so I have no need for a limit

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Yeah same here, I just can’t bring myself to sell any of my yoyos. I love them all, no matter how much I hate some of them. hahaha


My checking account tends to have governance over my collection size. However I have to admit there are many times when I find myself asking the question; “Just exactly how many yoyos do you think you actually need?”

I have a carrying case for eight which I take with me almost every where I go and notice that I consistently choose the same eight to take with me. (I own over 80, but admittedly there are only probably 20-25 I would consider major players.) However don’t ask me if I would give up my Duncan Avenger or Mondial, those throws are obviously not serious contenders for any crowns, but I am just as proud of them as I am the ones I have paid over $100 for.

There are two aspects to my collection and I would suppose this is true of many others as well. I have my throws with which I go to to develop my skill level and master tricks. But the much larger share of my treasury is made up of yoyos like Duncan’s Flying Squirrel, Yomega Fireball or, get this, Aerobie AeroSpin. I have one which is both a yoyo and a spin-top in one. (It doesn’t really work well for either past time.) I have had some for many years, a few for well over 30 years. Some would probably be considered just junk under professional scrutiny, but if you offered me a new Blizzard Puffin for them I probably wouldn’t take it. They are part of my collection and they mean a lot to me even if they play poorly. I just love yoyos and have since I was a little guy throwing them through the front picture window of our home.

So the answer to the question; “When is the collection too large?” is subjective I suppose. I know I already own too many and will continue to buy some more as well. (I so far still do not own a single CLYW throw, so no one could consider me a serious collector as of yet.)

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When it comes to yoyos:

Know your limits and exceed them often! :wink:

(2Sick Joey) #10

I have over 45 yoyos and literally only play like 3 or 4 daily. I never intend to keep getting more. I’m a huge BSTer so I’m always trading and selling yoyos. I love having a big collection but at the same time I hate it cause I never play a majority of them. I should try and sell a bunch of them off but I’d have a hard time shrinking my collection


BanjoSpins actually touched on another point that is really important to me. While I don’t have any desire to have the most extravagant collection, the most expensive or anything else, I would like to have a collection with as much variety as possible. For that reason I’d like to try and keep at least one throw by as many manufacturers as possible. I’m going to try and limit it down to what I consider my favorite throw from each company and go from there.


I have tried in the past to set a limit, and then go over that limit.
I have in the past sold and traded every yoyo I could to try and control the beast but that also was futile.
I now just don’t buy yoyos for the most part, but still pick up a few a year and the collection grows.
I don’t collect yoyos they are all players so my problem being they are all beat up at a level they are not worth trading or selling so they stay with me.
Kind of a book of my past in yoyo dings.
So at this point I have come down to keeping only yoyos I spend a lot of time throwing the rest end up as gifts for the most part to new yoyoers, I meet.


You could mod them (I.E. make em shiny and smooth)


If the house ain’t exploding, I got room.

I get the “one at a time” thing. I also need a lot of variety.


If the house begins to strain at the seams just buy a bigger house Chris. Just where do your priorities lie anyway. When the Grand Poobah of Yo calls he bids you “come and die”.

(Oh wait, no, that’s Bonhoeffer. Never mind.)


I keep mine to my case size (15) which is hard because there are so many good throws out there. That is 15 high end metals… I have various plastics and woods that I do not count. It requires lots of discipline and also requires me to not get too “attached” to any certain throw. Right now I have 5 yoyos that I KNOW will never leave me. Other than that they all will be fluid in moving in and out of the collection. I have been able to keep it at 15 for just over a year and I have no regrets yet. To each their own though. I have some yoyo friends will only about 3-5 throws and and others well over 100.

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Me I only have a few but hey I’d rather have one that will last me a long time unless one is useless


until my case, holder, and to go box are filled. so like 30 (i have like 16 yoyos right now)? Mr.yoyocollectors collection was crayzay, but i think he disappeared.


I don’t have a limit because I only have one, my DV888.

Btw I am amazed at the amount of yoyos everyone has.
In this forum everyone is averaging like 10!
I know you can all do the math but that’s like $1500 if you’re buying nice quality metals.