How many metal yoyos do you have?


All right, here is a very sad fact. I have been yoyoing for 3.5 years, and I do not have a single all-metal, functional yoyo looks around for sympathy Does anyone else have this similar feat? If not, how many do you have?

(2Sick Joey) #2

Is that purposeful or just because you don’t want one? I know how much you guys love your classics and northstars. Was curious about why you haven’t had one? To actually answer the question I have about 40 metals.


4, 5 if bimetals count. I have been yoyoing for about a year.


Cuz there too expensive and I don’t feel like being patient enough to save up all my contest winnings on a $100 yoyo

(major_seventh) #5

Metals don’t have to be $100


Yea yeah I know but they often are. And anyway plastics are good enough.


I have 26 metals with two more on the way.


this is why there is the bst. there’s nothing wrong with buying used. most of the time you can find really nice throws in great condition for great prices! I’ve got all my throws off the bst because I can’t justify spending crazy amounts on a throw, but I’ve been more then happy with what I’ve bought on the bst, especially my 2sickyoyos gambit!

also, you can get some more then exceptional throw from yoyofficer for insanely good prices, brand new!

oh, and to answer your question, I’ve been throwing for almost 5 months and have 3 metals.


Look at my trade count. I didn’t get this account to trade. But anyway, this is getting off track, so I will say I have two metal plastics (ringmaster and DMI).


11 metals plus a Rally (imo metal quality plastics should count as metals)
I’ve been going strong for a few months now, but I got all the basics plus a few more a couple years ago. Only have one yoyo from way back then though.


back in time there was a strict distinction between full plastics and metal rims. Interesting to see how these classes merging as full metals grow popular.


In that case I have 5 metals (4 classics and a ringmaster ;))


17 right now, 1 on the way. I would like to own 15 or fewer but I can live with under 20 since it lets me keep my top 5 case full and my 15 hole case with some space. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine owning under 50 but I would honestly be fine owning exactly 1 yoyo if I was forced to. Thankfully that’s not necessary ;D

(Owen) #14

like 20


9, with one probably going out, and one in, so yeah, 9.


I have enough… :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t lie to yourself like that :wink:


Four, but I’ve owned hundreds.


lol! I don’t know what you mean by that but I didn’t trade either, its buying…but to each their own…just just can’t make a fuss about something when you don’t explore all possibilities. :wink: but yeah, back on topic! lol


I have to many right now. I really need to stop buying them because I can’t use yoyos in place of car tires. And I really need new car tires!