Which is the best yoyo under $80?

Which is the best metal yoyo under $80 that is better than the DM? Is the M1 any good?

Its down to personal preferance.

No yoyo is better than another, like Samad said; it’s all about preference. I had the exact same problem, I was trying to decide what yoyo to get thats under $80 and I ended up going with a Jamboo. But the Project (even though its $6 dollars over) was a Close second choice. So as of this morning I now have an 888 Aqua 2009 Edition and Jamboo that i’m waiting for in the mail ;D.

by judgeing from statistic and the popularity of this yoyo with the yoist community I’d say the DM (aka Darkmagic) is a good choice. it has a great spin time and is the most popular yoyo that yoyojam has out. Its also not as pricey as a lot of other great yoyos. Its my #1. later and keep it spinning.

The M1 would generally be better in some ways, seeing in how its all metal, but the DM is great.
Its what you prefer

What response do you like?
What is your ideal weight?
What is your ideal size?
What kind of tricks do you like to do?