Confused while deciding what to buy

I’m inthe expert area now and for my birthday would like to get my first metal yoyo (I was thinking a bassalope, but only cause my fav player is Brock- the new Primo looks great too). Anyway, one of the reasons I thought a metal yoyo was"what pros use" is because of the weight. But as I’ve been reading up on almost every metal yoyo to figure out what to get, I just realized that my sole yo, a DArk Magic, is heavier than almost all of them!! Am I missing something?
As an aside, I might as well ask for peoples advice on what to get next. I know the typical answer is “it depends”, so here is the low down on me- I throw a DM right now, pretty much following Andres order for learning. I have the most trouble with slacks and whips (I just recently gave up on Brent Sole and Houdemasa for a little while to avoid more discouragement- Spirit bomb is going much better). Around $100 or a litle more is fine price wise. the bassalope, primo, superstar, DNA, 888 are all ones I’ve been looking seriously at, but I’m open to others. This will probably be my only yoyo purchase this year.

ok so, i will keep this kinda short and straight forward. I have never played a DM or any of the yoyos in question besides the 888x. NOW, I believe that the 888x is the closest to the shape of the DM, so you may find it more familiar, however the DNA is a Standard sized 888 shape. So ultimately I suggest that is what you buy. Hubstacks come stock on them so I would pick up a set of nubs as well just in case you hate the hubstacks, I am fairly positive you wont regret that decision.

Also, just to note, Jensen used a Protostar to win Cal States this year, maybe metals ARE overrated :stuck_out_tongue:

The DNA is a full sized 888. The 888 is undersized, but it is still nice and wide. I have heard only good things about the Primo, but no one is drooling over it, but it still looks fantastic. TI have heard mostly good thing about the basslope too. The superstar is fast, has stacks, and is uber stable.
Any one of them you go with, will be a steal, but I would go with an 888. That is MY OPINION. :smiley:

The DM is 71 grams, and the standard for most yoyos are 65-68 grams. Of course there is the buzz-on C-note, which is 100 grams, and there is the team losi cherry bomb, which is like 49 grams.
But the DM is heavier than the majority of metals; I think the rims are just an extremely dense metal.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I am drooling over the Primo, its a great yoyo, very stable, great colours, it is the same size as the DM, has a wider gap than the DM, a better response system too, if you where to buy the Primo you wont be disapointed but if you want a yoyo with hubstacks then I would go with the superstar of a skyline.

Well thats just my opinion on some of the metals around that I love, but there are some great plastic yoyo’s around as well such as the protostar.

Get YYF BOSS or One drop - dingo

those are some bEAST metals if you want one

Bassalopes are amazing, I like mine more than my g5, but a bass is undersized.

tell me more about why you like your bassalope, I’m interested to know.


All the ones you mentioned are great yoyos. If you don’t really have preferences yet, I would honestly just say to pick the one that looks best to you. If you don’t really care for it, you can sell/trade it. :wink:

I like it because it is small, has a great color, it is lighter and faster than the g5, great balance, and I can use angel hair with it.

Lol, forgot about you hardcore.