Recent Favorite?

whats your fav yoyo thats came out either this year or last year.

(dryoyo says “Just Say No” to forum graffiti)

The YoYoFactory BOSS.

I haven’t tried any of them yet, so none.

i really want one!!!, i liked the new breed.


hey sr, witch do you like better boss or dv888.

I think by saying the Boss was his favorite, he likes it better than the DV888.

yea but dv888 was on his fav list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally Dv888.

can’t wait till saturday that’s when the boss comes out.

The BOSS, but I want to have it to put it on my favorites list.

good point, good sr. sorry i had to :smiley:

Werrd Two Fat Ladies 88 - Groovy Lady Edition (Black)

These are sweet looking. I got one for an SCR prize. Its a BEAUT!

I happen to love either the Big Brother Wedgie or The prototype of the Agape of course!

haha i knew you were going to throw the Agape out there

Sorry thats off topic

Do you not play with it much? I also got my 4XL in the mail today. it may replace my Tfl we will have to see.

Big Brother Yo-Yo’s Bully

C13 and Boss all the way

that I have: TFL groovy lady, Project 2
that I don’t have: 5 Star, Wedgie