Your Top 5 Favorite Yoyos?

This is going to be a thread where you guys can list your top five favorite yoyos. :slight_smile:

Heres mine:

  1. Duncan Barracuda
  2. Yoyofactory Horizon
  3. CLYW Puffin 2
  4. Onedrop Benchmark 2014 W
  5. CLYW Chief

1: Eternal Throw throw Elysian
2: Yoyofactory Genesis
3: Yoyojam Phenom
4: YoyoFactory Superstar
5: Yoyofactory Avant Garde 2

Favorite yoyos from my 9 years of throwing

  1. RecRev BadRep
  2. One Drop Code 2
  3. Yoyofficer Nifty
  4. Werd 86400
  5. Dif-E-Yo Bare Bones
  6. YYF Superstar
  7. Yoyojam Hitman
  8. YYF 888
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Theres one known and used thread already just like every one of them

  1. MonkeyfingeR Gelada 2
  2. General Yo KLR
  3. One Drop Benchmark V 2013
  4. MonkeyfingeR Ape-X
    5 .YoyoFactory Ricochet

as of right now
1.YYF Space Cowboy
2. YYF Shutter
3. YYO Quash
4. YYF Replay Pro
5. That is all

In no particular order:

Eternal Throw Elysian
Eternal Throw Victory
YYF Aviator
YYF Space Cowboy

Really hard to decide on favorites though, because I also really love my H3X, Gnarwhal, Orbis…

  1. Onedrop Rally
  2. Onedrop Markmont.Classic
  3. Yoyofactory ‘Doomsday’ Genesis
  4. CLYW Chief
  5. YoyofactoryxTP Proton

I can’t believe that I traded away my old Chief because it wasn’t my thing. Now I can’t get enough of it. Just shows that tastes change over time. ;D

Also very tempted to pick up a YYF Dogma just because of my love of the Proton. If anyone owns both (Totalartist I’m looking in your direction) and could give me a bit of a comparison that’d be fantastic. :slight_smile:

in no particular order, as they are all different and depending on what type of throwing I’m in the mood for, any of these could be my favorite at that moment.

YYF Mutant DNA
YYF Cypher
Spin Dynamics Flow
Amplified Return Tops Shout
YYF Dream Ti

Needed to edit based on receiving a new yoyo that has made the list


Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0
Yoyofactory Aluminium Dream.
General Yo Entheos.
Yoyofactory Horizon.
Yoyofactory Metal Replay.
Yoyofactory Shaqlerstar

Yoyofactory Loop 1080
Loop 808
Duncan pulse.

Fiesta tres.



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In terms of what I’m playing most right now, gonna go with:

  1. SvZB Clyw Avalanche
  2. an oooooold “Clean Machine” No Jive
  3. Luftverk Evora R-SP
  4. well-loved (beat-up) silver SPYY Flying V
  5. SPYYxTMBRxYYE 2014 eH

Ti Dream

OneDrop Gradient
h-spin The Cut
YoYoJam Transcend

  1. Helium
  2. Prototype Fireal
  3. Nifty
  4. Prophecy
  5. Modded Superfly Remix 7075
    countdown to helium dropping out…
  1. Shutter
  2. Joyride
    3 Loop 1080
    4 Flight
    5 IDK
  1. Luftverk Evora, purple glass dust
  2. Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MKII, aurora
  3. YYR Draupnir, matte gunmetal
  4. OD Citizen
  5. CLYW Yeti, grey

Those top 3 spots are definite answers, and unlikely to change anytime soon; those 3 are just unbelievably good and incredibly fun to throw. The 4th and 5th spots are heavily contested by a handful of other throws in my collection, but this is just my top 5 as they currently sit in order on my shelf.

Honorable mentions that routinely battle their way into those 4th/5th slots, in no particular order:

OD Sovereign
Anti-yo Stealthzilla, Viszilla, and Bapezilla.2
3yo3 Ti5
SPYY Addiction v2
YYF Titanium Dream, raw

3 more will also be joining that royal rumble sometime in the near future:

G2 Marvel, /r/Throwers edition, as I’ve previously owned a Marvel and know it’s in those ranks. Seriously an outstanding throw, I can’t wait to have one again.

Turning Point Palpitation, in blasted gunmetal grey. I’ve only heard good things about it, and the design is appealing to me, so I think it will easily hold its own and throw some haymakers.

And lastly, I’ll eventually receive an Anti-yo BSP.2 (TiYo). It probably won’t perform as well as most of the others I’ve listed, but I know this one will become my “take absolutely anywhere and everywhere” yoyo, as its size is pocket friendly, and it’ll be really durable seeing as it’s titanium. I’ll be throwing the all ceramic bearing from my Evora in it, in order to really make it anywhere/everywhere friendly. This designation will definitely get it into the ring with the others.

My favorites can shift from time to time. This list almost matches my top 5.

Question: Can this include throws we don’t own? ::slight_smile:

( Throws I own )

  1. YYR Sleipnir
  2. YYF Space Cowboy
  3. YYR Draupnir
  4. YYR Sputnik
  5. YYF Too Hot

(Throws that I want to own, but have peaked my favorites)

  1. YYR 7th Heaven
  2. TP Palpitation
  3. LUFTVERK Evora
  4. Axis Pulsefire
  5. TP Leviathan 7

I thought I’d revive this topic rather than restart it as a new one.

Here are my current top 5 favorites by type (and in no particular order either; consider them all more or less tied for “1st place” in their respective categories). And by “favorite” I mean that these are the throws I find myself reaching for the most.

Top 5 favorite monometals:

  • One Drop VTWO
  • One Drop Format:C
  • One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV
  • G2 Banshee
  • iYoYo TiRROX
    (Honorable Mention goes to the One Drop Mantis)

Top 5 favorite bimetals:

  • YoYoFriends Hummingbird
  • G2 Elite
  • TopYo Dominator
  • Mowl M+
  • YoYoRecreation Anomaly
    (Honorable Mention goes to the Mythril Gravitas)

Top 5 favorite plastics/hybrids:

  • C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash (this one is every bit as good as a bimetal, folks)
  • YoYoFactory ProtoStar
  • YoYoTricks Sage
  • YoYoJam Spinfaktor X
    (I don’t think I have a fifth favorite…plastics/hybrids aren’t really my jam)

My collection has gone down quite a bit. I don’t even throw 5 yoyos anymore…