Your Top 5 Favorite Yoyos?

(Nathan) #21
  • G2 Elite
  • G2 Banshee
  • iYOYO iCEBERG (for 5A)
  • YoyoFactory Edge
  • YoyoFactory horizon


This is true of most of the fancy hybrids, I’d say all of the following are just as good as bimetal (minus the durability, and additional noise of plastic):

  • Ippon
  • Iceberg
  • Surveil
  • Diffusion

And the POM Draupnir you like to bring up (no love for the Triad, btw?), pretty much anything in this true hybrid category has a ton of performance, easily equal to bimetal.

(Yiyang Wang) #23

Yoyorecreation Draupnir, yoyofriends Hummingbird, Mowl Surveillance, Unprld Flashback and yoyofriends Magpie. In that order for me. I am getting a TISS hummingbird in a couple of days so that might top the list :grin:.

(Colby Hans) #24

OD Vanguard
Clyw Kodiak
OD Cabal
C3 Gamma Crash
YYF Ti Dream

(Tyler) #25

In no particular order:
KnotCreators IceWoof
TP Houska Dry
G2 Quake
YYF Shutter
Honorable mention to the Replay Pro in my toolbox at work

(Ken) #26

How does the Avant Garde play?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #27

D.Runner, OD MMC, Mk.1 Diffraction, 2Sick Promotion, Thesis Serenade

Wait, I gotta fit the Float in here somehow…


69 punchline sb bassalope are top 3. Love all my 50mm diameter throws from back in the day “888, Hatrick, wm1” and I love high end plastics