Your Top 5 Favorite Yoyos?

(Victorian YoYos) #41

1.OD T1
2.CLYW Chief
3.CLYW BvMr2
4.YYF Edge Beyond

  • Quail
  • Oak Harbinger
  • Deep State
  • Woodboy
  • Velocity

OK, I’m kidding about the Velocity! Need one competition/high performance on the list. It’s between the Rook, Kenshin, and 5000QV.

I think there are more than one…


Nah, I love it too…

  1. YYF Shutter
  2. YYF Edge
  3. TopYo Raiser
  4. MYY N12
  5. YYF Horizon

Pretty boring list I know, but I only have about 15 yoyo’s to my name. I also only buy 3-4 yoyo’s a year, so when I do buy one I usually go for something that a lot of people have tested with positive reviews, and in the budget category.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #46

whats that string on the mmc? Looks amazing

(ClockMonsterLA) #48

If you think an N12 plays awesome, you should try a VTWO or a Top Deck or a Sleipnir or a Banshee!


Looks like more rim weight to me?

(ClockMonsterLA) #51

I think you are doing yourself a disservice by denying yourself high-quality throws during your early stages of learning. I’ve seen this notion of “My skills aren’t worthy of that really nice yoyo/guitar/snowboard/violin/whatever” on lots of different forums over the years, and it never made a lick of sense.


why are some of these posts listed 5-9


Well if you still have a tendency to bounce your yoyos off the ground maybe using anything that high in price just to beat up doesn’t make sense. And considering I don’t own a 100$ yoyo give or take that actually plays twice as good as a 50$ yoyo the math doesn’t quite add up for me. I actually rarelly spend more than 65$ anymore because nothing over that seems to make me feel like I got my money’s worth.

(ClockMonsterLA) #55

Yeah, if high-end yoyos don’t present enough value for the money to someone then they might as well just stay away from them. But I’ve not encountered that many people (here) who feel that way, and I didn’t get the impression Chrisfrancz felt that way either. As for bouncing off the floor, that’s a reasonable concern, but I think he is well past the stage where that is a persistent problem. Hell, I bounce off the floor now and then, but I still throw top-shelf yoyos. I am able to do this without damaging them by playing over carpeting.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #56

I traded strings with @smileypants707 . That white string is one he sent me! It’s really good!

(ClockMonsterLA) #57

Revised top 5 favorite monometal list:

  • YYR Sleipnir
  • OD Top Deck
  • MFD Pixel Ape
  • OD Kuntosh 5000QV

(Honorable mentions: G2 Banshee, OD Format:C, OD MC)

Revised top 5 favorite bimetal list:

  • YYF Hummingbird
  • Mowl Surveillance
  • TopYo Dominator
  • G2 Elite
  • YYR Anomaly

(Honorable mentions: Mowl M+, Mythril Gravitas, Mythril Flux)


One Drop Top Deck
Magicyoyo N12
Magicyoyo V6
YoyoFactory Replay Pro
YoyoKing Spin Control

These are what I have been picking up most often to throw in the last few weeks. The N12 and V6 never get put in the case because they are my go-to throws so they’re always on my counter or in my pocket. I cycle through pretty much every yoyo I own each week for variety and because they are all fun.

(Jacob Waugh) #59

The Elysian is that good?

(Mitch ) #60

Ti hawk
Edge beyond

(Thomas Bellotti) #62

G2- Banshee

2SickXOhYesYo- Knight&Gale

One Drop-VTWO

CLYW- Borealis 2

Recess- Joyride

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #63

Monometals and Bimetals (tried or owned)

  1. G2 Elite
  2. SF Cadence
  3. Iyoyo Iceberg
  4. G2 Big Boi
  5. Throwrevolution Zephyr 2

Sadly dont own the G2s, just borrowed.
This list is based on feel and performance.

G2 Elite- hella light and weight distribution feels amazing. Best performing throw i have tried imo

SF Cadence- go to throw of mine. Feels light and fun, amazing performance and spins a lil bit longer than my marco with a buddha bearing installed. SUPER Durable and dings basically dont affect smoothness much lol

Iyoyo Iceberg- Super smooth, shape is my preference (H) and amazing performance. Does feel moderately light, and excellent finger spins and spin time.

G2 Big Boi- SUPER FUN, i like the diameter- but also like its lightness. Smooth like all G2s and performs amazing

Zephyr 2- Does not feel too rim weighted and boring like Elite and Iceberg, fun and plays light+amazing. Been a while since i have borrowed it tho


In no particular order:

  • G2 Ti Hawk
  • TP Anubis
  • OD Kuntosh 5000QV
  • G2 Covenant
  • YYF Czech Point Pivot

Honorable mentions: CLYW Metal Yeti, SF Cadence, UNPRLD Abduction

  1. Tundra
  2. Fluvia
  3. Octavia
  4. 000
  5. SalTi

Non Ti:

Bimetal/ Hybrid

  1. Draupnir
  2. Apathy
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Machination
  5. POM Draupnir


  1. MMC
  2. Float
  3. Top Deck
  4. 5000 QV
  5. Cadence