Name your favorite brand and 5 yoyos they make, let’s see how far we can take this, mine if yyf. DNA.888.g5.boss.dv888. Those are my choices, but I do need a new boss so poss up yours

onedrop. dietz, code 1, burnside, Markmont next, M1. those are all my fav onedrop yoyos. the M1 just has a special place in my heart haha.

My favorite brand of yoyo is One Drop. I really like the conservative style of their yoyos and the Side Effect system is my favorite yoyoing innovation of the past decade.

My favorite yoyos they’ve produced are as follows:

The YFactor, CODE2, Burnside, DANG, and Cafe Racer.

CLYW. Arctic Circle, Chief, Avalanche, Peak, and Canvas.

General Yo: Torrent 2, KLR, Majesty, Entheos and Model 10 (Their new yoyo that is in the proto stages (I think) now!!!)

For me general yo I have the torrent 2 and it is by far my favorite Yoyo! That and YYJ all there throws are for a great price.

I cannot name just one.

It has to be clyw, but general yo and deadly spins are tied for 1st

Chief, Ava, puffin , h5xchief, garwhal

C3 Berseker, Berseker RX, Dark Sonic, Trident, Capless, and Yeah3.

Best Brand Ever 8)
RooYo- RooYo, RooYo SV, Kaizen, RooYo HF

I can’t think of anything else they make

Me and my onedrops!

Code 2, Cascade, Dietz, Burnside, project 2.

I’ve only thrown 3 clyw and I wasn’t a fan of 2 soooo…

YoyoRecreation: Sleipnir, Clash 2012, Stargazer, Uragment, Blink.


Y’all all have wonderful taste in yoyos let’s try and get this post to 50 keep’em coming

G-Squared hands down…
AL7 Nessie, AL7 Albatross

Duncan …


Smith and Wesson. Then One Drop because they are sweet and cut metal for a bunch of other sweet companies i like

My favorite brand doesn’t make yoyos…

Flux Pavillion. Oh wait BRAANDD… Clyw

what do they make


Blink, 6, Gleipnir, Fragment, Messiah