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What’s the brand windows?

I don’t even have to post, you guys know my favorite brand ;D

Lets make it to 50 post


Windows isn’t a brand, its an operating system…

My favorite is SPYY. Out of all the ones I own the list is probably:

-Addiction 2
-El Ranchero

I also own the Pistolero, Spyder, Revenger, Solaris, Ronin, and Amplifier. They’re all so awesome it’s hard to pick just 5.



My favorite brand is the branding of my name, “N8,” on my arm. :wink:

Since I haven’t tried many I have to say all the company’s of OD CLYW YYF YYJ and DUNCAN. Because I have tried one of OD and CLYW and a few YYJ and a lot of YYF and some Duncan’s :).

CLYW; Avalanche, Chief, Marmot, BvM, Canvas
G Squared; Albatross, Nessie and both AL7s
One Drop; Code 2, Code 1, 54, Burnside, Cascade
SPYY; Addiction, Ronin, Spyder, Amplifier, Ranchero
C3; Dark Sonic, Halo, Capless, Token, H5xChief
All of them are part of a big happy family ::slight_smile:

Wow a lot of people taking part that’s wonderful and some great brands and pics so any one up for second fave brand ill start OD cafe racer cascade and those are my two the rest ill take any od there great second fav brand starts now let’s go!!!

well its hard to decide between general yo and clyw.

CLYW: Chief (7075 especially), Canvas, Cliff, Arctic circle, Puffin

General Yo: Majesty, Model 10, Entheos, Torrent II, Hatrick


YYF : 888, G5, 44, DV888, Super Wide.

CLYW : chief, avalanche, sas, gnar, peak

But I am slowly selling those to make room for YYrec

So far I just have the 2012 clash.

Favorite Brand: General-Yo

Favorite Yoyos: Hatrick, 5 Star, Majesty, (Model 10)

CLYW’s Chief, Arctic Circle, Avalanche, Glacier Express and Puffin. The Cliff might find its way on here when I get one.

Alright here’s one name the most exotic yoyo you’ve ever seen

RecRev theyve got a new yoyo like every month and Rojas is awsome.

Best 5 yoyos they make in order of greatness: Freq.wav, ta-1s, mangaroo, reverb, figure 4