Cool I’m gonna check those out sounds really awesome

Yep, YYJ all the way.

I’ve played yoyos from most every major brand out there. With the exception of g^2 and some other new ones like toxic and eternal. But one drop has always been and probably will always be my favorite. 3 years ago I got a copper wood y-factor. And it has been my main throw ever since. I’ve tried every one drop except the cascade and code 2. And many clyws. Yyfs and such. But I love the basic flare that one drop puts into their yoyos. Simple and playable, but all innovative and unique in their own right. That’s what I love about one drop. Their customer service is also unmatched. At a close second is general yo. The same principles as one drop, but I feel like Ernie just doesn’t execute that flare quit as well as one drop.

Fav yoyos- y-factor, m1, dietz, entheos, sovereign, battosai.


Sakura, Wasabi, St.Eel, 2012 Fury, Enigma, Valve

Alright here’s one name your fave yyf yoyo name your fave yyj yoyo And name your fave yomega yoyo

YYF: 44
YYJ: Phenom
Yomega: Maverick

Three great pics

Mine would have to be yyf dv888 yyj go big yomega blazer