What throw do you have a soft spot for?

Is it your first throw? Do you have one that isn’t the best out there, but you just like for some reason?

For me, it is the Superyo Typhoon. My daughter’s school had a yoyo presentation a number of years ago, I ended up buying a Typhoon - it was my first “real” yoyo. Still love it, how it sounds, etc…

What about you?

My Zen 4. Was my first metal. Plays great, I love it.

My Zen 4. Was my first metal. Plays great, I love it.

dv888. Got me back into throwing.

  1. It may not be the best yoyo out there, but I love the way it feels in my hand, the way it plays, and everything else about it (except for the 10 ball). I took that out and replaced it with a CT that I had lying around, and it gave the yoyo a bigger personality

Dv888 or puffin.
Dv888 cuz it was my first metal
Puffin cuz it was my first high end metal and its so fun :wink:

Right now my 2011 ONE it was my first steel ball bearing yoyo. It has a lot of love and even if it isnt used often it stays. And my dv888 my first metal played it till it was stripped. And have yet to send it to be fixed. That guy took me so far and opening the yye package the love was incredible.

HOT. Bought it from Harold himself, he let me try his at club. The next week I came with $100. Love it to death still.

A few actually. Duncan Bumble Bee, Duncan Cold Fusion, Yoyojam Dark Magic (original), Duncan Dragonfly and Yoyojam Speed Maker.

My mint OG Project and my satin Oxy 5. I just think they’re wonderful looking objects and I love having them around. I like the play of both pretty well, but it isn’t really their greatness as yoyos that attracts me.

If I was to whittle down the collection bigtime and end up with just a very few, which I am considering doing, these would be two I’d keep…and they’d be the only two I’d keep for reasons besides play.


I could say a lot of yoyos, but im going to say

original bvm

MYY T10. I just love it even though it is BEAT.

My soft spot has to be for my Werrd Poo, it’s just so comfortable and ergonomic… but since it’s narrow string catches are a little tricky, but that also means going back to my normal wider throws my catches are more consistent

My older General Yos. Some of the best yoyos ever created.

The V. I have very deep feelings about this throw. It just connects with me. I love how it feels and looks.

My Dark Magic II, and that’s why it is still listed in my profile as my favorite yo-yo. It’s the first unresponsive yo-yo I bought that seemed to spin long, and make tricks easy to learn. I was hitting the couch, the floor, whatever, and it would just keep spinning.

But, through it all, I still love throwing that yo-yo. That means it has a special place in my heart. Nothing like a first love…there are other loves, but they will never be the first.

Dark Magic 2. Will never trade or sell mine away.

My wrath I <3 it

It will always be my favorite throw