What's the yoyo, that on the first throw, you knew you needed to have?

So yes, yoyos can grow on a thrower, the Code 1 took a while before it really grew on me, and now it’s my favorite yoyo. But, there are also those yoyos that on the very first throw, you have that feeling, that you need to have one or that it would become a favorite. For me, I would say those yoyos are the Yoyojam H3X, 7075 Arctic Circle, and the Leviathan 2. These yoyos just spoke to me in such a way, that I knew I would eventually have to seek one out. But luckily I didn’t, I was able to acquire them on the spot. So, what yoyos have you guys tried that you just knew you needed it?

The hspin pyro is the only yoyo that has ever done that for me. I looooooove that yoyo.

I tried a YWET(OG) at Worlds this year and it was literally heaven on a string. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to afford one of those :(.


I can think of a couple that I knew I had to have before I ever threw them. Still some of my favorites. That would be Manatee and Tundra if anyone was was wondering.

As far as thowring one before knowing about one?
Zeekio Little Evil 2. I still haven’t gotten one, but I still really want one! I got to throw someones at Worlds this year and it was awesome! but was flat busted from the trip and the Tundra so I was tapped.

Thanks! Who ever you were that let me throw that, by the way!

For me the main one that sticks out was the og punchline. So good! There are a few others that are close but none that gave me the “chills” the same way. The NG2 is a close second.

This. I love my punchline (:

I haven’t thrown many before buying them, but I’ve known that I’d like many before buying them. The Markmont Next, Evora, and Haymaker are 3 that take the cake for me though.

My first Yoyo was Dv888

It is rare that I have the opportunity to try new yoyo, most I bought of looking at the features them, informing and letting myself be guided by my taste… but a yoyo that I could try and it made me think, "This must be absolutely mine! " is the Turntable.


Honestly never.
Every time a yoyo that good exists, it’s usually out of my budget so I end up convincing myself that I don’t ‘need to have’ it. For example Dazzler, Draupnir, Wooly Marmot.

Rarely have I had an “I’ve got to own this” moment on initial throw. The two that stand out in my mind are the YoYo Community Spectrum and the 44rpm Blues. It is hard to find two more different yoyos, but, each called to me in their own unique way.

Will probably never have these, but:

New Turning Point Titanium

This is a little of subject because I didn’t try it before I bought one, but I knew I had to have a g2 wolf after I saw the pictures and specs. And I was blown away after the first throw. The wolf is a beast. One of the best yoyos I have thrown to date!

The OG One Drop Project. Only threw it a few times a couple years ago. My favorite yoyo. If only I could acquire one now to see if I truly do love it as much as I did.

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I have many throws that I like but the ones that spoke to me in that way are the OD Top Deck and the OD Prescription. Also I had to have a Zeekio Aftermath after I tried it at worlds.

Most recently the CoreCo Standard at Worlds. Love @ first throw for sure. Bought it 5m later and a week later they had me on the team lol.
Also Kuntosh, Avalanche, and the original TMBR Irving proto. And going back a decade or so, Dark Magic 1, Good & Evil 2, and Bare Bones were all similar insta-cops.

Funny though, the vast majority of yo-yo’s I like were things I tried because I liked the look or the people involved and just happen to like the yo-yo’s play as well. Rare that I play something and then HAVE to buy it like that.

Was it an OG Punchline or a Punchline Repeater?

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og punchline. Because of it I went and found a repeater as well and it’s good, just not the exact same magic :slight_smile: now I leave the repeater at my desk at work Incase I forget to bring one with me.