That one yoyo?

Ok, we’ve all have that time when we see a yoyo and tell ourselves “I NEED that yoyo! I will give up my life savings for this!” But I’m not talking about those moments. When you first started, you have probably noticed one yoyo that stands out from the others, what yoyo was that for you?
For me, although I was never able to get one, was the Yoyojam Black Gold. I don’t know what it was about it, but it just seemed to pull me in, being 8 at the time, I couldn’t buy it. Even though it looked very plain, for some reason, I would have killed to get it. I still sometimes just stare at a picture of the Black Gold.

Well I could tell everyone about my most hyped, more expensive throws and yeah they are really nice but when you forget all the hype it’s pretty basic. I’ve owned more Hummingbirds than any other yoyo. I don’t throw them every day but I have multiples of the hummingbird and I play them until they are just worn out. I have no idea how many I have loved to death!

It’s not fancy, it’s not hyped, it’s just an awesome fixed axle that I really enjoy. Every time I see one, I check the price and it usually ends up mine. I’ve always been pulled toward this simple, wonderful wooden yoyo.

You’re getting exactly what I mean!! And when did you become a moderator? Congrats!

That yoyo was the PHENOM for me. Besides the fact that it was after watching Mickey’s 2010 Japan Nationals that got me into yoyoing and I’m a huge Mickey fan since, the shape itself got me hooked. At the time, I didn’t know anything about yoyo shapes and the V shape of the PHENOM basically caught me. Not to mention the 24K gold plated rims.

Yeah, it was quite the hype machine, but still.

For me it was probably the Northstar, which was my first yoyo. Ill always hold it close to my heart.

I guess it would be the Skywalker for me. I’ve played on and off for 10 years but I only got really into this scene in the last 5 or 6 months. I was already prepared to pay about 80-100 for a high end metal on day 1, but the hype around the Skywalker always seemed to be so fervent. After 3 months, I finally broke down and decided that I would pay virtually anything to get the best. And I did.

Of course, that has initiated the same sickness that plagues me in all of my hobbies. Once you pop you can’t stop. Now I wish all of my throws were as cheap as a Skywalker goes for, and that’s scary when I look at it (so I don’t, thanks a lot for bringing it up).

For me it was the ILYY Noctu.

It has always been the genesis, i was only 6 months in and was ready to buy my first advanced metal i bought the first run red genesis the day it came out and have loved it ever since

Same except I actually had a candyblasted 09 noctu in my possession at one piont. It was amazing fast stable good grinds can’t believe I sold it

Pistolero. I was originally awestruck by the beta, but I’m super glad to have a v2.

Perfume cloud skywalker. Would do anything for one.

The Sleipnir.
First time I Ever saw it.
I was hooked.
And it was the 3rd yoyo I ever looked at!

First 2 were the Velocity, and the Leviathan II

Both which I acquired.
And yet the Sleipnir evades me.
2 offers of which I found.
I lost both UGHHH

1: the skyline. it just looks so pretty and you can almost TELL it plays smooth just buy looking at it
2: yyj next level. when i saw it on the ads on the homepage, it just looked so modern and cool looking!
3: vs newton skywalker. like stookie, the hype and want of this yoyo wanted me to just SPEND lol unfortunetely, i was met with a big NO :smiley: from my mom.

the undersized blue one? I love the finish on it, it’s amazing.

Interestingly enough I’d probably say the same thing, the Noctu.

Yoyojam Meteor

I’ve been doing pretty good getting what I want, I also had a run of luck with YYE, scoring a Arctic Circle, a Sky Walker and a KLR. I got the highest priced AC, the Yogi, but what I really wanted was the Copper, not because of price, but I liked how it looked. The Yogi reminds me of root beer, so I’m digging it. The Sky Walker, I ended up with the lower priced White Knight version, which again, I wanted because of looks, not price. The KLR I specifically only wanted the yoyo, and as luck would have it, that’s what I ended up with.

I remember missing out on Chief after Chief. Oh well. BST was my friend!

I have lots of stuff on my wants list.

I am patient. I know if I put in effort, I will get what I want eventually.

These are, for lack of a better term, “luxury items” that I don’t need, just really want.

I think the three items I really want right now are the Next Level, and a blue Phenom and a blue acid washed Phenom. However, the odds are that other stuff will be purchased first. I have to wait for sales to buy the Phenoms, unless mint ones come on sale or I luck into special deals somewhere.

a freaking TI … hopefully my dreams will come true soon

Well about a year ago when I got into yoyos I started out with an Imperial and then a Butterfly. I wanted something better so I found this site (which I’m not allowed to name here). I was looking through yoyos to buy when all of the sudden I see a red YYF G5 with the z-stacks. I don’t know why it caught my eye. Maybe the price ($100 which I though was amazingly high at the time). Maybe the way the colored z-stacks looked amazing against the red yoyo. But I still just don’t know.

I ended up going with a Yomega Raider, but the G5 is something I’ve always wanted for some weird reason. I don’t really want it as much anymore, but if there’s a nice deal on a red G5 on the bst I think I might go for it.

I wanted a Duncan Momentum so bad. I thought Duncan was the only company back then, so I only looked on the Duncan site. Then I saw that you could hold it while it was spinning, so I really wanted it, because I thought that it was the only yoyo in the world that could do that.

For me it would be a Duncan Raptor, my first Aluminum. A beast at grinds and everything!