First All Metal Throw


What was your first all metal throw, and what’s your favorite metal now?


My first was a Yomega Dash then once I realized it was junk I got a DV888.

My favorite metal now is a OneDrop CODE 2


First was a C3 Capless. Favourite right now? So hard to pick one. The El Ranchero and Gambit are both yoyos I’d be loathe to give up right now.


First was a magic yoyo t5, favorite now is a over on the left, it changes almost monthly


Same with the t5. As of now the serum but it’ll change as I try more throws b


My first was a DV888 but my current favorite all metal throw is the Equilateral.


as far as I remember, it’s the aoda sunshine.
my fav this time around is the Angkasa.


Technically, my first was the Sharper Image yoyo. I don’t consider it my ‘real’ first metal though because it has a plastic transaxle instead of a bearing and it’s responsive…

So, first ‘real’ metal? Shutter

Favorite? It’s hard to pick one, but I’ll go with the Cascade… at least for now.


SPYY Addiction 2 was my first metal throw.
Today my favorite is my cascade

(Rock Shouse) #10

My first all metal throw was a “metallic missile”. A responsive throw at that!


My first ever all metal throw was the Duncan Metal Drifter. Funny thing is that it was my first yoyo when I got into yoyoing.


First ever? Wooly marmot.
Favorite now? Three way tie. Chief, quake and cascade.


First all metal? I think it was a Custom AXL, I still have it. Then a Custom Reactor, and a whole bunch of Cold Fusions. Favorite now - today it’s a Yomega Star Wars Glide, tomorrow it’ll be something else :slight_smile:


hey that was my first metal.
then I upgraded to moneyfinger to clyw ;D


Dif-E-Yo Spike Fly


SPYY Pistolero

Wooly Marmot 2


First Metal - YYF Superstar

Favourite Metal - YYF Doomsday Genesis



First= Wooly Marmot II. Heheh


First: Supernova

Fav: Victory


First: duncan metal drifter

Favorite: Strum panzer Stealth ogre