first all metal yoyo

what was your first all metal yoyo???

small bearing purple Dv888

Some POS called Konbo yo-yo.

Kyo Senza Nome


My First all metal yoyo was the M1.

Tom Kuhn SB2.

YFF Purple Lunatic :wink:

OneDrop Dingo - mini, but awesome.

Pre-production Dv888

Medal yoyo? that sounds interesting
are they first place medals?? ???

Purple bully

lol! I was yoyoing then I bought a first place medal!! yay for me! lol

It’s Metal fellas.

I think so.
Well, whats your first icthus?

Mine was an aoda sunshine.

One Drop M1.

my guess is he got 5 all at once lol

I love that thing.

maverick. then G5. then genesis


purple bully