What was your first all metal yoyo?


What was your first all metal yoyo? Do you still throw it?

Mine was a 2008 version of the 888, before the 888x came and disgraced the name






yoyo factory yuuksta


MarkMont Next


It was my first yoyo, a teal acid washed Superstar. Good times.


Di Base (no its not the 2 the original one)


G funk


yyf boss


YYF Genesis


Also the yyf genesis


Yomega Dash…



Bounty Hunter.


First was a SPYY Pistolero…


Kyo DNS. Mostly by chance! I was brand-new and bought a batch of super-cheap plastics from Jake Elliott. As we’re finalizing the transaction he says something like, “If you think you might want to try a metal, I also have this Kyo DNS I can let go for not much money if you want to add it in…?”

I went ahead and did just that. What a great yoyo. My only true “classic organic” shaped yoyo, and it’s going to be with me for the long haul. :smiley:


Chief and Ricochet. Same order from YYE


YYJ Axiom :smiley:


Yomega Wing Force. That thing used to hurt me so much. Metal, butterfly shaped, looping yoyos are a disaster. It’s still sitting right here on my desk though.