Your very first yoyo?

I dont know if this topic has been done before so… What was your very first yoyo? Mine was a Duncan Imperial :slight_smile:

Yomega Brain XP

My first metal was the 5 Star

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-James Reed! :slight_smile:

I think this had been done before.


Duncan Butterfly, and my first metal was a YoYoFactory G5.

First yoyo Duncan Butterfly. First metal to come is the Hatrick.

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first yoyo: duncan imperial

first metal: DV888 my only metal XD

My first yoyo was a Duncan Imperial. :o

My first metal was…

Man, I haven’t even touched a metal yoyo yet.

First yoyo was a Fireball I think

First metal was my M1

It was a duncan butterfly.

My first unresponsive was a YYF Plastic grind machine v2

My first metal was a YYF Genesis.

My first yoyo was either an Imperial or Butterfly… Probably a butterfly. I bought a new one pretty much every other week, though. I was playing too hard even back then, :P.
First bearing, Flying Panda. Metal? Original Pyro.

My first yo-yo was a metal but it came really responsive at first:

Auldey Grey Fox; Still use it to this day.

Speeder, yellow

first yoyo dunan butterfly

first metal 888

Probably a Brain…
First (Serious) yoyo, Fast 201… An early '04 one, said hasbro on it…
First Unresponsive yoyo-Legacy
First metal- YYF G5

first yoyo was a duncan proyo

first “real” yoyo was a fast 201

first unresponsive yoyo was a pocket change

first metal was a DV888

First yoyo was a Yomega Brain

First unresponsive was a YYF PGMV2

First metal is going to be, in a few days, a DV888

Duncan Butterfly. A green one!

Red Butterfly!

first yoyo: Duncan Butterfly
first bearing: Duncan Mosquito
first unresponsive: Speeder, but when i got it i had no idea on what unresponsive play was, so i put lube on it, first unresponsive that i wanted to be unresponsive was a DM
first metal: DV888

First yoyo: Orange Butterfly.
First Metal: Black Maverick!
First Unresponsive: Velocity