First Yoyo?

If you can remember… what was your first yoyo?

Mine was a Fast 201. :wink:

Technically for me it was a Pro Fire (I think… some cheap trans-axle from Target) but the next day I found a Mosquito at wal-mart. And my friend and I read about yo-yos for 5 hours the night before I couldn’t resist a 6 dollar ball bearing yo.


Duncan Midnight Special (shown here in Ed’s blog). I was so jealous of my brother’s Butterfly. :smiley:

my very first yoyo was probably some coca-cola yoyo - but my 1st yoyo I used for 1A was plastic Velocity.

the first yoyo that I bought was a TBBGT

Trans-axle fireball. Still have it. Still disappointed with it.

ProYo! :smiley:

A wooden fixed axle I friend lying in the streets. Wiped it down played with it FOREVER. But my real serious 1A yy was the YYF Velocity.

freehand 2

I’m not really sure, but I think it is the Brain.

Yoyo Factory, Velocity, Blue

Or a very bad one when i was 5-6 years old.

Duncan Butterfly, couldn’t do jack with it. Now about 4 years later, picked up a yyj lyn fury and started getting serious.

first yoyo i bought was a $3 yoyo from toys r us, i was bored and thought it was a good idea and now im hooked.

lol. i was all set to respond to this. well ninja’d.

888 swear no body believes me I had the money. :wink:

duncan ignite

yomega power brain xp and a fireball

1st yoyo: fixed wood axel cocacola yoyo in fanta orange colorline
1st ballbearing yoyo: some cheap chinese yoyo

6 years later and geting serious
1st yoyo: auldey speed evil blue
1st metal: aoda sunshine (888 copy)
1st real metal: auldey l3

Oh, what a sweet memory

Fast 201 :stuck_out_tongue: