First Yoyo?

Just a simple question. What was your first yoyo? My first was a 2 dollar generic brand back in 1996-8. It was built very badly and after throwing a really strong sleeper, the insides were shattered within a year. XD (I didn’t do anything bad to it) Now, after I started picking yoyoing back up, my first yoyo is the Sonic Dragon by Audley. It is not really a good yoyo for tricks but its decent if you don’t get annoyed with it at first.


The First time I ever tried to use a yoyo was a champion yoyo. No brand, just called “The Champion” After I learned to use it, I bought a spintastics tigershark G4.

Interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Duncan Butterfly. Its my fav :wink:

I don’t remember…It was when I was really little. I think my brother said he bought it at school.

mine was a superyo sonic spin. got it at the mall i guess about 10 years ago at least. i thought it was awesome b/c it was one of the first yoyos i had ever held that would sleep for a long time. learned to do rock the baby and dizzy baby with it then lost it after a while.

Other than a bunch of dollar store yo-yos, a YYJ Kickside.

mine was like when I was 4 because ya knowlittle kids want everything they see but like in my actual yoyo
career it was the F.A.S.T 201

I still have my first yo-yo. It is a glow in the dark Duncan Imperial from the early 80’s. Yes, my first yo-yo is older than most of the users on this board. ;D

a guy came to our school selling yoyos so i got a super yo cosmic spin it was awesome

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Actually I think they are two different questions - which yo-yo to buy and what was “your” first yo-yo.

My first yo-yo was a Yomega Brain - but I wouldn’t recommend that to start on.  :wink:

The old school wooden Humming Bird, I used it for about a year and broke the axel(the old wood ones dont last long). But that was long ago and far away…sigh :’(

Duncan Butterfly! Could never do anything more than Rock the Baby with it. Never thought all these years later I would be doing tricks like Spirit Bomb and Revolutions on a ball bearing yoyo!

Probably some generic knockoff of a yoyo from a convenience store or giveaway at a festival. First purchased was probably the Yomega Fireball, which I loved dearly at the time, just doesn’t cut it anymore…but I do still have all of my originals

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And I’m not sure I want to mention my first yoyo, as I still have one and throw it. It’s a little embarassing. ;D

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tell us! was it a barney yoyo? a Teletubby yoyo? okay jk, nvm XD (No offense robot :)) my first yoyo was a proyo back in 1998 when i was 2 or something.i don’t know why, but it couldn’t sleep. I wanted it bcause i saw yohan on tv, so i wanted to try it (at 2 years old. Ambitious!).