You always go back to your first love (1st yoyo I mean :P)

Let me tell you how before I was super pro-yoyofactory like completely biased just by their marketing, players (like Ann Connolly haha) etc. I was convinced that yoyojam wasn’t very good. Of course learning all my trade from the great Andre Boulay I decided to get his yoyo instead of a northstar at the time.

I would like to say how happy I am and how it is the most amazing yoyo in my opinion (especially with a konkave it can compete with metals). It was my first unresponsive yoyo and I guess at first I didn’t like it but over the years I start to love everything.

I say this because honestly recently I got a little disappointed in the Genesis. it was good no doubt but the feel like it’s heavier, dont like the shape for restarting the yoyo, etc. I used to think metals were everything but only realized now that they aren’t everything completely and that plastics or bi metals can be great too. Or maybe I’m just biased to my first love… I mean yoyo :smiley:

What was your first yoyo and do you still love it? :slight_smile:

My first yoyo was the yomega fireball… its not really a 1a yoyo xD but u can do some looping tricks with it and the clasics r always there… my first unresponsive yoyo was the yyf ONE, its a good yoyo for $10 indeed.

I always go back to my first Metal my Zen 4 it’s great. Dont play with my Hyper Warp heavywing anymore though.

I pick up my northstar every now and again when I miss the sound of that thing. I just love the sound during revolutions, it sounds like it’s carving.

Going back maybe for the Dibase or wait for the Dibase 2

My first yoyo was a Yomega Brain, but I broke it. Basically, my first yoyo was a dv888, whhich I dinged up, then polished, and I still use it.

Mine… The dark magic II. Play with it about once a week now

Had several yoyos before the DM2, but that’s the first one that I really “loved”. Still play fairly often. Keen on the H3X now.

My first unresponsive yoyo was the DM2 and I definitely still love that thing. I actually might get another.

Been eyeballing a Toxic Frog edition myself… so perfect…

My first yoyo was a YYF Velocity. It served its purpose, but honestly I have no reason to go back to it now. Also, it broke.

Mine, too. And it was my first “unresponsive-capable” yoyo.

Since I got my FG Ava, I find it hard to play with plastics. I played with my Northstar for a bit outside (didn’t want to ding my brand new metal) and it felt so weird, like I was throwing something hollow.

for me when i switch from Dibase to severe(delrin) it still feels the same but lighter and bigger in diameter.

My first yoyo was a Butterfly which is long lost by now… But I have my first unresponsive yoyo, the X-ConVict it’s cracking but still preforms. When that thing cracks all the way I’ll keep the rims and mod them on something…

Never played with a delrin, but I imagine it would be closer to a metal than regular plastic.

My first unrepsonsive yoyo was and 2011 YYF ONE by that is lost luckily I had 2. But my first metal was a red dv888 that the axle stripped so I locktighted the axle to the yoyo and now it plays very nice and it even took away the pulse and now it’s just a light vibe.

One’s To The Rescue!!!
My first yoyo was a NedYo Boomerang. But my first unresponsive was a YoyoFactory One!! I still have it in pretty good condition and still can use it for a good amount of tricks…