That feeling you will never be able to experience again?


In yoyoing, there are some great feelings, some of them you will be able to experience through out your career, such as learning a new trick, or trying a new yoyo. But there are also some that you may never be able to experience again, like it’s a one time thing. For me, it was the experience of picking up a ball bearing yoyo. Even if it was just a Duncan Bumble Bee, man, it felt so different, tricks instantly became easier. Then, I used my first unresponsive yoyo, it was a sili recessed FH2. Compared to what I’ve been using before, this opened up such a larger array of tricks. Then, the feeling I would never forget, was using my first metal rimmed yoyo, the Dark Magic. I thought I would never need a yoyo again. After I got my first metal yoyo, the Aoda Sunshine, the feeling of a metal yoyo to a 11 year old was just stunning.


My favorite was seeing my new dv888 in the mail and jumping for joy that day when I first threw it. So scared to ding it at first. there is also a feel you never want but feels good once it happens, your first ding to a mint yoyo.

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Many years ago, before internet, before unresponsive play, I was a wee little one, my first trapeze on a Duncan Imperial. Laugh if you want but nothing in yoyoing has ever given me quite that feeling again. Satisfaction to the max! :wink: I remember it like it was yesterday.


The feeling I remember most was a negative one. My first ding.

It was with my first yoyo, a Yomega Maverick. It was a few days after I made it unresponsive. I believe my best trick at the time was buddha’s revenge or something like that. lol.

My buddy was in town and was picking me up for dinner. I was waiting for him in front of my house and throwing to kill the time. I was standing on the street with the curb just a foot from my right side. on my first breakaway I absolutely pulverized the curb. When I heard the sound, I instantly became sick to my stomach. I remembered that the yoyo was made of metal, and knew that the outcome was going to be disastrous. When I looked down, a brutal gash was staring right back at me. I am a grown man, and I wanted to cry like a little girl. hahaha.

“That feeling I never want to experience again.”


Landing my first “advanced” trick, the matrix. Also opening my first unresponsive YOYO, the dark magic, was amazing.


Getting my first sleeper. Really. When I first started out, I knew nothing about yoyos almost, just that I loved them. I thought that my Brain was the best yoyo ever, and the trapeze was the hardest trick in the world. Back then I knew very little about tricks or technique. Getting my first sleeper was pure awesomeness. The internet has taught me much since then, especially Yoyoexpert. The only reason I found out about modern yoyoing and the pure potential that was in the yoyo was me trying to find a better price on the internet for a Duncan Bumblebee they were selling at a local sporting goods store.


Picking up a Theory for the first time <3


Going to Cal States and seeing many of my thrower idols.
Standing next to Tyler Severance and not knowing it (in my defense he had just gotten a haircut)
Seeing and touching a 28 Stories Avalanche (the first metal I ever touched.
Seeing Zach Gormley in the bathroom.
Waiting in line for a Summit.


The shock of landing my first trapeze. I just sat there staring at it until the yoyo spun out. :o

Also (hopefully) my first ding. Just a couple days ago actually. When playing with my Ann Connolly Whip. I thought that the bind left a knot and threw it harder then I had to. The sound it made was probably the worst part of it. :’(


the first time i saw someone do eli hops


That sense of pure amazement!! I’ve been a lifelong yoyo lover. My last big fling was in the 90s where I managed to get a cold fusion and get an idea of ball bearing action. The years past, marriage, kids fast forward to two years ago and I see some kid in NYC on the street throwing, he does one trick then more and more and I’m flipping out that the yoyo is still sleeping. Then finally he brings it back up with and I pick my jaw up and ask; :o ‘what is That?’ he tells me it’s a Caribou Lodge Wooly Marmot Hulk Smash! This ain’t no Duncan! That did it! What was this mysterious Lodge he spoke of. Sat that time finding a CLYW was tough, even on eBay. I finally managed to get a Avalanche and Sasquatch. Then a Hulk Smash Marmot. The feeling of preciousness, I felt like Gollum! Since then I’ve collected a Massive amount of CLYW plus other high end throws. They still are precious to me, but there is something about that initial feeling of seeing something magical! Now I can do some magic myself. Simple thing bringing extreme joy! ;D


Opening my Zen 4, I was literally shaking I was so excited. Also landing Brent stoles. I could land them everytime for 3 days and then I woke up and couldn’t do them anymore ???


That moment when binding just “clicked”. I had done it a few times, but I missed it more than I hit it. When I finally figured it out and could do it consistently…oh man. I think I just threw it down and did a bind for hours lol. To this day I will space out and just do different binds. No tricks, just binds.


What’s a Theory?


Laughing at my brother while be tried to land an over mount… then he got it…


first yoyo contest the fun of meeting and watching pros


Throwing a 7075 Chief after only being able to throw a Dv888 and DMII.

I’m hoping that the Sleipnir that’s coming in the mail will do it again.


Landing my first whip trapeze mount. It’s stint most used trick and really flashes up whatever combos I’m working on. To this day I still can’t believe that landing it was an accident. :slight_smile:


When I hit 1 year and I though “oh my goodness, I can do all of THIS???”