Remember when...

Do you remember when Split the Atom seemed impossible?

Or how about when two hand yoyoing was so crazy?

When you wanted to stay in frontstyle, because your breakaway was kind of crappy?

What do you remember from your early yoyoing days?

well considering my early yoyo days were like… a few months ago, I remember it decently well. :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought I would just throw a sleeper, then turn to get into a breakaway. and double or nothing was almost impossible to land.
Oh, and it took me like an hour of just watching andre boulay binding to get how he did it.

When I thought Ladder Escape was a trick for people like Andre who can do it.

When I thought that the Wrist Mount was impossible to land smoothly.

When I thought Eli Hops would be the best trick to learn. (It actaully kinda is because it’s impressive)

When my dream yoyo was a red Dark Magic with a KK bearing.

When I would judge myself on my sleep times.

When you say to yourself that you are content with learning only a few tricks and then minutes later get bored with them and learn more.

When everytime I threw a Breakaway, the sleep wouldnt last over 10 seconds. :smiley:

When I carried a special Duncan Butterfly with me everywhere (before I lost it…), and it took forever to make it go up and down.

I remember not knowing what the heck the “Throwmonkey” was when I bought it, I just knew I wanted it. I wanted to learn to yo-yo.

When I went on the back porch an practiced “around the world” for an hr. until I got it down. I felt so awesome.

When the Duncan Crew happened to come on their Heritage Tour only 2 weeks after I started. I had no idea they were coming, and they helped me learn a lot!

For once I actually knew what I wanted for Christmas.

When I could just sit and watch someone else yo-yo wondering how on earth it was possible. Wait, I still do that… :smiley:

I’m only been yo-yoing 7 months or something but my memories of when I first started are very fond ones. :slight_smile:

Several things I’ve got…

First off, thumbs up if you remember the old Arnie Dixon how to yoyo video that was basically a huge promo for Duncan. The second half of the video showcased many of Duncan’s throws in the 90s. Split the atom looked excessively hard otherwise I pretty much had almost everything down on that tape…so I remember I felt so cool for being able to do such a thing.

I also don’t know why but as I was younger I always thought the butterfly yoyos looked weird and always preferred the traditional/imperial shapes. Today however, most of my throws are wing shape and I tend to do 1A more than anything, which demands a wing shape.

One day I smuggled my Yomega Brain to school to show one of my friends (who was playing with a advertisement/freebie yoyo) to show him my ‘ultra skills.’ Little did I know I started a boom at school only to have yoyos banned. We got together and wrote a petition only to have the ban lifted and get our own spot on the play yard for yoyoing. Was some fun stuff there!

I also remember when just about every store you could find a yoyo of some sort…like when Walmart had about 1/4 of an aisle dominated by Yomegas, Duncans, and FAST 201s. Today, yoyos are nonexistent except at Toys R Us, and a couple sporting goods stores.

Next,I remember when having a bearing yoyo back in the 90s was pretty hot stuff…even having a Fireball was pretty ‘high end.’ I won’t forget spending $25 on my Raider and having my mom kind of yell at me for spending that much on a yoyo. I guess today spending $40+ is pretty normal if you want a high end throw.

Lastly, as a kid/going into high school, I always wanted a metal yoyo. They were far too expensive though even more than the normal $40 we’d pay for one. Today, metals are becoming more affordable and accessible to new players.

Not really…

I only started throwing 3-4 months ago. All I remember form once upon a time is when any trick you could do made you seem cool. At least that’s how it felt to me. I remember watching my dad preform walk the dog and I though it was the coolest thing ever.

When i spent hours trying to get knots out of a string with a needle when i could just put another string on,

When i wondered how many hundreds of dollars Andre spent on his DM cause of the metallic sound it made when he doubled on,

When rock the baby took an incredible long sleeper,

When i asked for a phenom for christmas because it was the most expensive yoyojam, to awake christmas morning to a super crappy yomega hotshot,

When i tried to learn all of Jensen Kimmit’s 2010 world’s routine on my x-brain XD,

When someone asked me to do my best trick i’d do 3 barrell rolls to a split the atom,

When i ran out of frontstyle tricks because i was afraid of having to do a trapeze for every sidestyle trick,


When i bought gloves and sunglasses just to look like Mickey.

Those early memories are the WORST!!

I remember not knowing what string tension is. I’m left handed. Playing with right handed string. Put two and two together. All I can say is that yoyo flew straight though my bedroom door, though the balcony, and… KURPLUNK!! My first throw damaged.

However, I was determined to strive on, as I REALLY wanted to learn SOMETHING. Interestingly enough, I found breakaway style tricks easier due to the fact that I never had a responsive yoyo that would sleep. My first trick was Trapeze.

Up to this day I find Breakaway style tricks easier.

Fun story huh? Especially the yoyo hitting the hardwood. >.<

when all i cared about in a yoyo was sleep time

I remember the times when I believed that I would be content with using 1 yoyo for all my tricks.

I remember when I still learning break away and I cannot throw it straight and strong

I remember thinking that string tricks were called grinds.

I remember barrel rolls being incredibly awesome

I remember being horrified of even the smallest ding

I remember my first real yoyo, an x-convict, being absolutely amazing, and I was surprised at how wide it was.

I’ve been yoyoing for about three years, I still find it crazy

I remember when I didn’t shorten my string when I was really small, and I had to stand on top of a chair so the yoyo wouldn’t hit the ground

lol, I also remember when I thought looping was a round-the-world on the inside, which caused the yoyo to hit my eye.

I like this thread.

I remember when I thought the counterweight was just a way to omit the slipknot. I had no idea it was for a completely separate style. I have a really old video of my brother and I yoyoing, recorded on a VHS tape, and I had a black die on the end of my string just because I could :stuck_out_tongue: .

EDIT: Oh, I also remember needing to stand on my brothers bed when I was using his purple saber wing :smiley: .

Also, I had a orange proyo with blue caps; I thought that it was broken because I got an axle knot. I think it might still be in my attic.

When I thought for an entire year that split the atom was the mother of all yoyo tricks, and also for that same year when my craziest trick was rock the baby and I thought it was one of the hardest tricks out there. For that entire year, I was sheltered from the world of yoyoing. As I said, I didn’t know there were any harder tricks than split the atom.

I still throw a sideways sleeper because my breakaway blows

Is that bad…

Isn’t the breakaway a sideways sleeper? ???