Your best time yoyoing

So, when you look back on your yoyoing “career”, there has to be a time when you had the thought “Yes! This is awesome!” What was your experience.

Mine, um. Maybe the first or second time I threw offstring. I had just gotten my Aquarius from Josh and I was so pumped to learn. The first throw was an epic failure, but on the second one I hit the string. I popped the yoyo into the air and caught it on the two strings, popped it up again and whipped the strings at the yoyo. The second it hit that string I felt this wave of pride and excitement rush over me. Another would be the first time I landed a hook. I had been working on it all day, my shoulder was screaming at me to stop but I was obsessed with landing it. So I kept hoping the yoyo up into the air and swinging the string around. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it the first time. I jumed and did a little “happy dance” in the middle of my dorm room. It was an amazing feeling haha ;D

Your turn. Let 'um rip!

Just last saturday, I was skiing, took something out of my pocket in the lift chair, and I forgot my Wooly Marmot was in there. The Wooly slips out and falls like 50 feet and luckily landed somewhere where I could get it. On my run down I got it, and on my way up and when I got up, I did a couple of tricks, it was a feeling I hadn’t expirienced before.

Thats sweet man. I would have freaked if that happened to me. I’m glad you were able to recover it.

Yeah, it could have easily fallen in the middle of a bunch of trees. I feel pretty lucky.

Idk if this fits into it but I love the feeling of waiting for a new yoyo in the mail! One of the best feelings for me is doing suicides and grinds. It’s also amazing when you yoyo to a crowd and they really get into it. All in all my best experience is just trowing all the time!

Hmm… Best time? When I suddenly landed an atomic bomb, I was like… Wow… 6 years ago I was thinking that is one of the toughest shit around. And now that I came to YYE… Dang that’s cake… :stuck_out_tongue: feel proud tho ;D

when I got 4Th place on the BRB 2010, and won a HSpin GnE4 Black Lily.
first time ever i won, 4th though, i still very proud.

mabye the first time i launched the big yo in the air about 45 feet and caught it on the string

March 14, 2010.
It was the day of the Redondo Beach YoYo Contest. My best time was when I went on stage. I felt nervous, but shook it off and preformed. I think I did well, and I had a LOT of fun. I ended up getting second, and sponsored the next day.

And my first thought was YYE. This place has supported me so much, and it means a lot to me. This PLACE means a lot to me. Thanks guys.


Wow, your guy’s stories are all really cool.

Congrats on 4th place man. Thats great!

You mean a lot to this place too man. Everyone on here knows you. Your always helpful to us.

the first throw of my brand new DV888 (about a month ago)

I know this must make me seem weird or vain, but I love yoyoing while people watch…

I went to Silent Getaway… No talking… Only signlanguage… I was outside because it was too hot inside the rec-room thing and was throwing 4A. I was just working on stuff like whips and other stuff… Im still new to 4A. I pulled off a sweet whip and hear the clicks of a camera… There was a dude with Ohio University’s newspaper takeing freaking pictures!!! I look up the hill at the patio… Probably thirty people waving their fingers. (Sign for like clapping or Hurray! Huzzah! Ect… Deaf people cant hear clapping… So they had to think of somthing). So I did another whip. More waving… The dopamine and adrenalin levels in my body were going crazy… I was on a roll… I tossed, spun around and did an under whip and caught it!!! Screw sign language! People whistled and clapped!! I was pumped… A few leg orbits. I pulled a sweet little move where I whipped the string into the yoyo to bind, brought it over my hand to do a braintwister/front side throw, and pulled it up real quick so it wouldn’t go off the string and pulled a regen… It was time to go big or go home… I was on a roll hitting everything… I threw my Pocketchange/Offstring as High as I could. Probably 30-40 feet! Then I made my mistake… I looked to the crowd… No one was sitting… They were all quiet… Waiting… I looked up getting ready to whip the yoyo and totaly got faced!! It was crazy!!! It hurt, but was soo awesome!

The first time I yoyoed at high school. I got so many positive comments that day.

Probably the time I was in a store doing tricks and I landed a floating Eiffel tower on accidant it was sweet! And the time I landed hook.

When i did the second performance of my schools dinner show/talent show. First show i knotted up halfway through, 2nd show i landed everything! crowd was clapping along with me at the second show as well, first show wasnt very enthusiastic haha it was awesome!!!

my favorite moment is when i was yoyoing at my highschool, a girl noticed me yoyoing and talked to me about it… sooo i was talking to the frist girl ive talked to since the 2nd grade, and yoyoing at the same time… talk about a good time :wink: