YoYo Memories


It is pretty amazing that something as simple as a YoYo has helped me have the best 4 years of my life. What are some of your guys best YoYo memories? Mine is probably yoyoing in my schools talent show and everybody going nuts.

(rizkiyoist) #2

I met my crush…
Back then my friend and I were browsing through the internet, suddenly out of nowhere one of us had an idea to look up on “yoyo master” or something like that.
And then I saw Shinji 06 freestyle.
From that time on, I promised myself to be good at yoyoing.
Time goes on, one day I met some people in facebook who just made a yoyo club in my area and joined right away. Right now I’m the oldest member that is still active in my club… More and more people come, then there is one friend with his girlfriend who also yoyos.
One day on random occasion she invited her friends over to watch us yoyos.
And then I met her…
I don’t care at first…
Then one day she invited us to do yoyo performance in her college…
And then I really care.
Now all of this were seemingly totally random… but I believe that it’s all fate.

I think that’s more of a story than memories though… :-\

(velez_adrian) #3

I now have 14 awesome friends because of yoyoing. Andy, Erik, Jacob, Kris, Graham, Zach, Jeffery, Ethan, Nehemiah, Drew, Henry, Noah, Hayden, and Gavin. Aahh great memories meeting these people and stuff.


Lol naw it’s cool man! The power of the YoYo XD


I got a few

  1. Getting a free cinnamon bun from yoyoing
  2. Getting in the newspaper 2 times for yoyoing
  3. My first Yoyo competition (one of my favorite memories)
  4. Lots of talent shows I have done in the past.


same as you my talent show and also going to worlds for the first time and meeting some of the pros. It was amazing :slight_smile:


I bet! What year did you go?


2012 Was my first year and I went 2013 too it was awesome.

(Ian) #9

My best audience is my 16 month old daughter. She will stare at the colors, try to catch it when it goes down, giggle if she does.
Walk the dog is the funniest thing ever.
Those are my favorite memories.


I think my favourite yoyo-related memory has been attending my first (and so far, only) yoyo meet in London. Palli and Ann were over for UK Nats and there was a bunch of really talented lads there. It was the first time I had really seen other people throwing, so to see how good they all were and witness all the different styles and such was a great experience.

Can’t wait for Nats next month. :smiley:


Idaho states 2012.


Pulling my very first yoyo out of ano…

… and all the design, experimentation, trial and error, frustration and joy that followed.


Wow, so many, I could go on forever. But the one that stands out is Worlds 2013.


Every time i place at contests I guess