What was your favorite yoyoing moment this year?

Just as the title says: What was your favorite moment this year that was based on yoyoing? Did you nail a hard trick? Go to your first contest? Meet your hero? Read an article? Make a video? Anything!

For me, it was walking into IYYO, meeting Pat, and walking in to the room and having this kid named Adam say hi to me and recognize me from a video. And then the rest of the contest, including landing “The Whip”, hugging Brandon Jackson, losing and finding my Vendetta, and using the urinal next to JonRob.

What about you?

This is hard, but I will just say Justin and Jason coming over Saturday morning, and us preparing for our video. We had a lot of fun making it.

Beginning to yoyo I guess

nothing. i didnt do anything but im goin to iyyo this year and worlds so that should be exciting

Mine is definately hanging out with seth peterson. He’s such a great guy and i love his smooth style of yoyoing!

The duncan tour was pretty big, Nats was huge, meeting Ambri Bizek in AZ was fun, getting my first metal (marmot) after waiting like 3 months to save up for nats at Bird In Hand, Hanging out with Josh at nats was also great. Then there was my first real yoyo. Just before easter, I got my DM, still have it as well as signed mirror caps by Aundre (THANKS AUNDRE). Yeah, those were my biggest things, good idea for a thread!!


Definely BLC.

Using my first unresponsive yo-yo and landing a double or nothing.

Which is pretty close to landing my first Hidemasa hook.

I’m gonna have to say picking up a yoyo for the first time in 8 years… And I should get my New Breed in by Friday, So I’m pretty excited ;D

finally landing Kwijibo after trying to get it sorted for a month, yay me, and also just starting yoyoing in general. I started in August and have been loving it ever since. ;D ;D ;D

well i started at the beginning of the year so… everything. from throwing my first ball bearing yoyo to starting a yoyo club at school. throwing my first full metal (my friends 5 star. DANG) to actually getting my first metal. making my first trick.
but probably when yoyoing just clicked.

Meeting and yoying with Tyler Severance or hanging out with mongoriller DYonch and Jon Rob at YoYoClub!

Umm the years not over yet!

Going with Samad, Justin, and Jason to go film. Awesome.
And hitting myself on the side on the head with my hectic.

Going to PNWR.
That was the best contest I have even been to.

Nationals and getting into the 5A finals.

And getting my MK3 taken at a yoyo meeting, and getting it back the next meeting with a bunch of bite marks.


Getting a Dingo for Christmas.

when i went to Oberlin Ohio and i was yoyoing on the street with my black speeder. some random guy walks up to me and asks me if he could try. he did more than i knew at the time. then he gives it back, says nice yoyo and walked away. i was like :o ???