best yoyo moment?

so, i just wanted to ask all of you what is your best ever yoyo moment?
got a yoyo? landed a treick? tested a new bearring? or just got THAT idea for your best trick so far?
nice if you want to share it with the others on the forun :slight_smile:

When my wife started throwing.

i have 2 when i first landed candy slack petr is one of my favorite throwers and i love his style.

my second one is when i was at my grandparents house and i was playing the duncan proyo that i keep at their house. My 5 year old cousin came up to me and asked to try. So i showed him how to throw and how to make the yoyo come up. He had so much fun. we threw all day. Now he wants a yoyo so im getting one for his birthday coming soon.

Showing up a BAC and some of the “names” knowing me. All this before we rolled a single piece of gear off the truck to begin production.

Andre, JD, Stu and many others. It’s great to be welcomed into a community. Such a vast difference between that and live sound.

This combined two things I enjoy doing: Sound production and yoyo. Heck, we even did things with computer-based audio, so it was a good total incorporate for things I do for me.

much fun to red here! i eill say mine either was when i got a onedrop 10 ball bearring and put it on my yoyo. it was like new. and i fast understood that my old was broke ;p but i guess the moment i wil remember for ever is when i meet another norwegian yoyoplayer!! :\


When I got my Avalanche.

Life changing.

Probably when that Imperial caught my eye at a store…

omg yes! imma steal that one as my own answer :wink:

Started yoyoing.

All the contests I go to just seem… magical. Probably some of the best memories Ive had.

After talent shows when people come and talk to me and are so grateful to have seen yo-yoing. It’s so much fun and makes me want to perform more! Also, finding and going to a yo yo club has been tons of fun. Oh, and finding random people that yo yo like I do is super awesome!

Oh also today, school just started and theirs a kid I met who actually yoyos! I got all excited! haha

I would probably pass out. My school is so small, about a hundred students in it. (Ill be a junior next year)

Yeah compared to alot of schools my school is also small. Only about 400. I’m a sophomore too :slight_smile:

Yoyoing before school (at school) and hearing a voice say "didn’t you just do a green triangle?

Going to a club for the first time


Meeting ed haponik

Throwing some of ed haponiks collection

Throwing a code 2 for the first time!


The best feeling ever is watching the person you were teaching, land the trick you were teaching them.

Honestly, I think I have to say being in the crowd for Yuuki’s Worlds 2007 freestyle.

thats what i hope happen to me once… meet someone else yoyying. not nassesarry a good one, but just somone else to talk to about yoying and things like that. ws he young?

the time when i was yoyoing outside a restaurant the waiter was impressed so i did it inside the restaurant for the people and when i was done the waiter brought the best homemade Cinnamon bun ever

i also had another time when i got interviewed a newspaper and got my picture in it