What throw do you have a soft spot for?

The FAST speed star. Literally the first yoyo I cared about

My yomega dash, first metal. Recently modded it to be unresponsive. Plays great. Never letting go of it.

Yyf ONE. My first “real” yoyo. I don’t count my plastic yomegas as real yoyos.

my yoyo jam synergy it sucks for string tricks but it is awsome for grinds 8) there is only prototypes for this throw.

I see what you did there haha!

For me it would have to be: You will never see these hit the BST ever!

Freq. Wave, Crazy-D, Fh2, “Supercharged” Pride
Freq. Wave (Custom PC), E=mc2 (Custom PC), 7075 Pride Proto, 6061 Pride Proto
JonRob Supernova, 7075 Gambit, Wrath, Wrath

Dem Prides :heart_eyes:

Any Hitman. I just gained a love of throwing from that yo-yo that is just hard to explain.

My H5xChief- it’s so smooth and I love oversized!

Punchline repeater. Such a nice shape and a throw you feel like you can make art with.

For me, the answer is basically all the throws that I want to be a permanent part of my case.

That includes:

YYF Supernova and Genesis
Duncan Echo and Barracuda

And once I get them, these will be on that list:

YYF Shutter
Yomega Glide and Dietz’s new signature
Duncan Strix

For me it will have to be my YYJ Revolution, my first advanced yo-yo, I have gone through a lot with that one, however it is still in good shape. And it is what allowed me to realize that I like organic-shaped throws. :smiley:

YoYoJam SR-71 :wink: