Why would you spend that much on a yoyo?!?!

Well over the past (i don’t know how long about a year) many people have come up to me asking about my yoyo’s and tricks and tell me about “people they know who can also do that”. but one of my most popular questions is “How much was that yo-yo?” and most of them are like $130 -$50. So when I tell them how much it was all i hear is “why would you spend that much money on a yo-yo?” and this kind of gets me mad. They say “Its a piece of metal on a string.” So the thing i like to do is look at there hobbies (you can do this for anything really).
Skateboarding- Why did u spend $150 on a piece of wood with wheels?
Guitar- Why would you spend hundreds of dollars for a piece of metal with wires on it?
Golf- Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on metal rods?
Sneakers- Why would you spend $300 on a pair of sneakers?
R/C- Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on modelcars/planes and boats?

Well those are some examples of things that i like to use when somebody thinks its ridiculous that i buy yoyo’s.

Please don’t use guitars as an example.

Being a musician who gets paid to play music, a quality instrument really makes a difference in sound. Sure you could go playing some student level thing for your whole life but there’s a reason everyone plays the big brand names. It’s the same thing as yoyoing.

To answer your question; people don’t understand that yoyoing has evolved and that it is much more technical than walk the dog and rock the cradle. I’m sure you can show them what I’m talking about.

true, definitely but i just used that example because i just had a fight with my friend because of this. Hes saving up for an $800 guitar and then tells me why am i wasting money on yoyos. and he said the same thing about being paid, but so could Skating, Golfing ,and anything else you do. you most likely play guitar don’t you? don’t take offense to this pleas I’m just making a point.
Also people can see that yoyoing has evolved but they still think its ridiculous.

Don’t double post.

Also there’s a lot of threads like this.

I’ve spent well over two thousand dollars on my guitar set-up.
Think about it though, it makes sense that they don’t have any idea of what yoyoing is and how respected it is in certain communities. Think about it, in music, there was Jimi Hendrix playing one a 1000 dollar guitar, with 2000 dollars worth of effects and probably another 2000 dollars in amps(I know I’m probabkly wrong but it’s an example(. But people KNOW him, and like him. So that kind of money to be like Jimi isn’t a HUGE deal People don’t know about Yuuki Spencer, or Mickey, or Tyler Severance, so they have nothing to compare to. It’s not the fact that they are jerks, it’s just that they don’t have the exposure that you and I do, you can’t really expect everybody to know about yoyoing like they do Skating or Golf or Guitar.

In short, people criticize because they don’t know about it, and you can’t blame them for it.

o.k that shut me up. that’s a great point. q u should be a forum expert

it’s that same ignorance that makes people say “why would you spend that much on a guitar” I’d tell em to try doing some research before criticizing whatever hobby and how much money is spent on it. it’s like someone spending thousands of dollars on a babe ruth baseball card, it’s just a piece of paper with a face printed on it, but that’s what some people are into and price rarely matters regarding things that bring joy into people’s lives. but you cant put someone down for not understanding it, you can however try to enlighten them on the subject. :slight_smile:

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Umm…you do realize censoring a word is still not allowed in the forums? You sir, also fail.

If the poeple who ask you that have a PS3 tell them, why would you spend 500 dollars on a peice of plasic with some wires? If they tell you becuase its cool and fun to play with, tell them yoyos are cool and fun to play with. If they insist you can explain them why it cost, tell them that in the price of a yoyo come: the metal, electricity for the lathe, bearings and axle, the design of the yoyo, and obviously the seller will want to make some bussness.

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I think yoyoz1’s post is the perfect analogy. I get a heck of a lot more play from my yoyos than my 360, Wii, PS2, and DS’s combined. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely have to use that next time I’m ask.

dude, i totally agree. Plus, don’t listen to all of those other people who are like “don’t criticize guitars, they are part of music”. They just don’t get the point of your post. i like that strategy too ;D

Im am pretty sure everyone got the idea of the initial post here jetboy, I guess you failed to read the part where yoyoaddict96 admittied that he was a little off on his post.


here’s my response: how much did those shoes cost? Oh, $150 and you’re walking on them?

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i get this Q allot i just got used to it i dont answer back just keep yoyoing and ignore while from inside i wanna just keep punching him in da face :-\

same here :-X

btw,is there anyway to downgrade psp3000 6.20 to 5.03 for now?
i checked but no use … :expressionless:

what?? wow, talk about off topic :confused:

I havn’t gotten that question in a while, actually. usually they just stare in amazement at the price, so i dont have to answer. I would probably use the Other hobbies idea on the first page.

You could also make mention of RC hobbiest, lot of money for just about anykind of RC thing whether it’s car plane helicopter, or anything. But understand I’m not dissing on them at all. Personally I think people who can do RC heli stunts are awesome.
Even sports in general cost a lot of money. For example Basketball people involved with that sport spend alot once they buy their own ball hoop and give or take a couple thousand gallons of Gatorade. Not to mention clothing, and man hours (time is money.) Theres also focusing on fitness which from my own experience gym memberships are expensive.
Personally I like Bowling just got a 236 the last time I went. I got it cause I had my ball, and shoes which cost a pretty penney, but it was worth it because I have improved well beyond what an alley ball would allow me to do.
To get to my tired point already all hobbies cost money.

The video game analogy is always the example I use.

Person: “$120.00 on a yoyo?!

Me: “Well, the way i see it, each of these yoyos get many times more playtime than any of the $60 video games I’ve bought in the last 2 or 3 years, so I’d say I made out pretty well.” ;D