Where yoyos go to die...


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted photos of my collection. With the long weekend, I finally decided to go through all the boxes and lay them out on my kitchen table. Thanks go to SpottedBanana for helping me arrange them all.

I started throwing about two years ago and have been anodizing for a year and a half. This is the majority of the collection except for ~60 Tom Kuhns and another ~30 yoyos that are either raw or waiting to be stripped for ano. Pretty much everything in the collection is mint. I usually sell off or trade away anything that’s not completely mint (except for the OG Peaks and other very rare stuff.) I don’t have nearly enough time to throw all of these guys, but they bring me quite a bit of joy just sitting in the collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep them in a combination of red Sears plastic divider boxes (which are perfect for storing yoyos btw.) I usually end up rotating through the Sears boxes and messing around with each box for a week, after which the box gets switched out for a different one. I store all of the original boxes in 10+ shoe boxes organized by brand and region.

Whole table shot. I actually don’t know what the total count is, but I suspect it’s somewhere around 300 total.

Here’s the middle of the group. A few nice General Yos in the lower left. I think the OG torrent is off the frame. Also three sovereigns, Ti5, couple Oxy Tis, PYBIT and a nice collection of ILYYs in the upper center.

Zoom in on some Peaks. Couple of OGs, Skittles, Raspberry Drip, Josh Hendrickson ‘Levi Blasted’, Spectral Cloak, Hot Pink, Jensen’s old Laker’s Peak, Clareview, Berenguel, Lava, 28 Stories 1st and 2nd, etc. I think I am up to 21 Peaks. Yes, it’s a sickness.

Spyy and VsNYYCs. Three TiWalkers, couple huts, seven Skywalkers, SADR, 5 RSLs (I love RSLs!), etc.

Non-Peak CLYWs (Yum. Pink first run Avalanche). Couple of GeneralYo Magnums in the back.

Werrd and B!sts. I especially love the Tondos and Bist8. Some FHZs on the right side.

Now that I’m typing this I realize I forgot some… YYF Catch 22, Duncan MG, another 10 unopened limited FHZs. I forgot to take those guys off the shelf.

… now to put them all back in their cases!

(Q) #2

On an unrelated note, where do you live, do you have dogs, do you have guns, and how heavy of a sleeper are you?

(Waylon) #3

Those are some very good questions.


I don’t even know what to say.

I am curious, though-- you talk about doing your own ano. How many in that collection have their original ano vs. how many you’ve redone?

Also: last photo-- nearish the middle… there’s a yoyo with yellow on one side, teal on the other, white caps, and an orange string. I would give almost anything to have that yoyo. It stands apart from the rest of the collection as a cut above.


San Jose, California. Yes, two dogs. Yes, couple rifles and a shotgun, medium sleeper…


(Q) #6

So sneaking is an option.

The dogs can be neutralized with ease.

I’ll see you in 36 hours.

But you won’t see me.



Haha really? It’s just a PSG. I’d be happy to sell it.

Almost everything in the collection is original ano. I have a few of my proudest anodizatons saved, but I generally prefer that other people have them.


Hehehehe… SpottedBanana is a super light sleeper though!

(Waylon) #9

Wait a second, Q, don’t be hasty. Let’s think this through.

Mr. Wong, are you going on a vacation any time soon?


Nah, I was just turding around. I knew it was a PSG. :wink: Although a perfectly good plastic by all accounts, it just stuck out compared to everything around it!

Thanks for answering the Ano question. Makes me curious to see your work now, though!

(Q) #11

Solid plan.

Also, what are your work hours, hours at the gym, hours at the store?
Dogs favorite snacks?
Your favorite snacks?

(I’m a courteous…guest…?)

(Waylon) #12

What is SpottedBanana’s favorite flavor of chloroform?

(Q) #13

Nothing I will ever say on this forum will top that.
I’m crying from laughter.

You win.
I quit.

Later guys.


Oh man. Love your collection.


Outstanding collection. Nothing is cooler than those Skittles anodizations.


How do I favorite a thread?

(echeung) #17

Jeez, three Ti Walkers? :o


twenty one peaks?!
So selfish, man! lol


That is a beautiful collection.

Is there anything that you don’t have that you still really want? I don’t mean current stuff that you haven’t gotten around to buying yet, but older/rare/out of production stuff?


Thanks everyone! I’m fortunate and thankful to have a good job in silicon valley, although I think the bigger factor is not having a family to have to care for. Also, the anodizing does help a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are actually a few things I’ve been looking out for. Most of them are in the wants of my BST, but off the top of my head:

  1. Laminated Tom Kuhn No-Jives (I have plenty of engraveds, but no laminated No Jives.)
  2. Nickel plated Phenom
  3. Always looking for Peaks
  4. One of those pre-Titan Ti rimmed YYJs
  5. More rare FHZs

I think the other reason I have accumulated the collection is because I find selling to be a relatively big hassle and the cash resale value on pre-owned yoyos is quite poor. With the exception of very few yoyos (Peak, TiWalker, Skywalker) most everything sells for less now than it did originally.