Isn't it funny

I was thinking back to when I started looking for my first yoyo. I asked what a good pocket yoyo and was recommended the CafeRacer and M1, Ministar, mighty flea, and I thought to myself, no way I’m ever buying that, I was thinking a WHiP or a ONE. Now I was looking today at the Albatross and Code2 and was thinking, that’s a good price, better than paying $190 for a YYR. Am I the only one who noticed this happen? And I only started throwing in September

I actually came in from the opposite direction. It’s sort of always been my way to really dive in to hobbies head first, and one thing I’ve learned is that whatever hobby it is, there is equipment that the “pros” use which no regular person even has a clue exists. Most people just starting out in something fumble around for a while, buying mediocre stuff before they realize what qualities are worth spending money on and where to get them.

So rather than just find a cheap, common yoyo, first thing I did was search “competition yoyo”, and pretty quickly found this site and a few others that had the high quality, in-the-know throws. I’ve only bought the good stuff since then.

That happened to me too. I vcame in thinking that $40 was a lot and now I think that that is cheap.

Yup. Before I got into this, I thought spending more than $20 for a yoyo was insane. $8 for my Reflex. $5 for my Imperial. $5 for my Butterfly… then the DM2… well, $41.80 at the time seemed reasonable as yoyos changed a lot and I was learning… BIG MISTAKE!!

Seriously, my mistake was buying this. I was now HOOKED. It’s like a drug. Dude, I’m jonesing for a throw… set me up!

Now, I’m buying $100+ yoyos. Andre is my “dealer”. Clearly, my world has some issues. There is no 12 step program or “Throwers Anonymous”. I don’t think insurance will cover my therapy.

Now get out of my way. I’m hitting BST… gotta be something on there… what’s the latest YYE releases… DON’T TOUCH MY ALBATROSS!

Yes, I’ve become a yoyo junkie.

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I remember when i first started yoyoing I vowed I would never spend more than $20 on a yoyo… Well, as soon as I realized it would be very difficult to ever master trapeze with a duncan speed beetle, I bought a YYJ journey. When i couldn’t get that to spin past a skin the gerbal… well, it was all down hill from there.

When I started i thought 10$ was a lot for a yoyo. then i saw the nice Yoyofactory and Crucial and CLYW yoyos and thought “Who would ever pay that much for a yoyo? it’s just a stupid yoyo!” many things have changed since that day.

When i started i was only spending around 15 to 20 bucks per throw… now i’m spending an average of 40 to 100 per throw… and i never thought i’d spend more than 30 for one about 10 years ago, famous last words on my part i guess.

My first “Expensive” throw was the Duncan metal drifter…

I think I can do Yuuki slack on my metal drifter…

I just play with a raptor. As long as i maintain the condition, it’ll be a great throw forever.