The olden days


Does anyone remember back to when you first started yoyoing, saw people with crazy collections and was like wow, I wish I had something that cool!


Woah! People spend $10 on a yoyo! People spend $100 ON A YOYO!


Trying to convince your parents to let you buy your first “high end” yoyo?

I know I do! For me it wasn’t really that long ago, only 5 years or so, but there was so much learning and exciting new things every time you started yoyoing! Though that still happens, I will never forget the pure joy that I obtained when I landed a double trapeze with my Duncan dragonfly. I just start shouting with joy for my sister to see what I did! Or the absolute frustration of learning to bind, only to overcome that frustration with hours of tedious practice.


Yep. Until just recently my mom thought yoyoing is a waste of time and money–I mean, you can go to Walmart and buy a yoyo for 3 bucks, right? Lol

A few years back I splurged on a $115 unresponsive when I first learned to bind. Since then, my collection’s grown a bit with throws that look nice and play smooth. Funny thing is, though, that first Cascade is still my favorite and everyday throw.


I remember my progression from having the worst yoyo to one of the best yoyos and how everytime I got a new one I thought it was the best thing.

Imperial > Fireball > ONE > Markmont.Next

Pretty much at this stage everytime I got a new yoyo I thought it was way better than the last one I had

Around the time I got a ONE I thought it was completely unnecessary and unfathomable that I’d ever get a yoyo more than $30. But a little while later one guy on the forums ended up giving me his Markmont and I’ve always thought that was the point when I really started taking yoyoing more seriously and believed it in being a long time hobby and it’s really when I started to post more on the forums and start expanding my horizons of my yoyo collection so I’m really grateful to Yored or Sam Harper as I don’t know if I’d be where I am now if that experience never happened.


I remember using a yomega brain and the a velocity. Those were the fun times-I got a DM 2 soon after and then a Shutter. And a raider, a firebird, a pun, a replay pro, Kuyostar, replay metal, and now bimetal superstar


Yup, my olden days - saw somebody playing with a Yomega Brain. I had never seen a yoyo being properly used before and thought it was as good as just dribbling up and down…(give your parents a yoyo and have them try it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Never saw a yoyo sleep before and I thought the brain yoyo was just sitting there at the end (not spinning) and then suddenly retracting.

My parents thought $10 was too much to spend on a yoyo (as they didn’t know any better either on what can be done with a yoyo) and I ended up settling for a Duncan Imperial, where I learned how to use it properly and learned about sleeping. The rest, well that’s all history now…growing up I had different colored Imperials, Neo, Midnight Special, Butterfly…eventually graduating to the Fireball and more ‘modern’ yoyos at the time.

Speaking of, remember the Yomega X-brains and Firestorms they had at McD’s?

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Sheesh! I remember … ah way before most of your “olden” days.
Yomega Brains, Velocity, Dark Magic are from the olden days?

Dang whippersnappers! ::slight_smile:

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I remember when I thought that spending anymore then forty dollars was a waste of money. Now today i have spent 1500 dollars to machine a run of yoyos and sold them for 100 dollars.

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'Member? ;D




Ah, yes. The olden days when I had a 30 customer paper route and eventually took over the neighboring route and grew that puppy to 150 customers, both morning and afternoon papers. Bought a new bike to deliver with and also bought a Duncan Imperial. Had my own money so I didn’t need to ask my parents :wink: