What impacted your first yoyo.

What impacted your first yoyo buying decision.

Like most of you got as kids as gifts or from your parents.

But I’m talking about the first you bought choosing yourself…

Mine was. In 2006 or near that watching blazing teens in India and watching the commercial went to the local toy store with my dad.

And choose the one else that looked good. As I didn’t had any yoyo knowledge whatsoever. And then I bought another after sometime. Lost the bearings in it stopped yoyoing.

Then in 2013 if was searching net to find out how would my those yoyos will spin.

Found out where is yoyoing now watched some vids decided brain yoyo.

Then even more research it was not that good and then many people recommended fast 201 bought that. As I didn’t knew that whether I’m bad at yoyos or my two yoyos are bad.

That was another thing that I joined forums after that.

So people of Internet Impacted my decision. LOL.

The floor. :wink:

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Mine was all decided by my budget at 10 or years old. I only had $5 saved up and really wanted a Yomega Brain yoyo. I also had a birthday coming up in 3 weeks so my parents did the “wait and see what you might get for your birthday” move. Not wanting to wait that long, I popped into KB Toys (remember those stores at the mall?) and remembered my dad always telling me about Duncan and how they made the best yoyos. So there it was, my allowance went for a shiny new Imperial. Since the parents wanted to do some more browsing around at the mall, I decided to open the yoyo up and start learning how to use it.

What decided my first modern yoyo? For a while I wanted to get the original Freehand (FH1) but never got around to getting one. Of course at the time I got back into yoyoing they were out of production. Having visited a Toys R Us, I saw they had the Freehand 2 which I figured would be close enough to what I had wanted several years before. After the pads wore out on it (in less than a month) I wanted something with a more longer-lasting response and wanted a metal so I ordered a Maverick…and the rest was all history!

Got some as a kid growing up. Never did too much with them till the yoyo boom back in the 90s where I bought a saber wing. Learned some of the basics and fade out. Then a few months ago a friend of mine at work brought in a popstar. Tried it but failed. Couldn’t do a bind so that was that. Then another day he brought a horizon in. I didn’t bother playing with it but he knew I wanted to learn so he gave me this beater a little over a month ago that wouldn’t even stay together after a few throws. I tried to play with it and learned how to bind. So I finally decided to buy a too hot and now I have 3 others. Just landed a spirit bomb a few days ago. If it weren’t for him I would have never gotten back into yoyos.