How did you get into yoyo/first yoyo

My first was a dollar store one. I loved that thing. Found it in a basket of junk at my grammas. It had orange caps and clear rims. If anybody see one let me know. Id like to get one again and see what it was like. Anyways that got me into it. I was obsessed. That thing didn’t even sleep but I was happy just doing forward passes all day. One day i dinged it and it snapped right in half. I started saving and got a maverick with a free yomega mania DVD. I learned off of that and there it went. That’s my story whats yours?

I received a simple yomega for Easter seven or eight yeas back and the rest is history!

Mine is kind of an interesting story, at least I think so.
My dad and I were down at the neighbors pond doing some fishing, and this must have been when I was in about fourth grade. We were getting ready to leave when I noticed something red sticking partially out of the ground next to a tree. The curious kid I was had to go over and check it out, and I was surprised to find that it was a Duncan Imperial; although I didn’t know at the time. My dad went on to explain to me what yoyo’s were and what experiences he had with them as a kid. For the next few months we searched for a yoyo for me to play with in flea markets b/c the imperial was pretty shot. I don’t believe we ever found anything…
Fast forward two years, when I was in 6th grade at recess I saw a few friends of mine throwing; one had a Duncan mosquito and the other was a cheap yyj I believe. I remembered back to 2yrs earlier, and just so happened to find a Duncan mosquito at Walmart a week or so later. I bought and went on to learn basic tricks with it from there. Gosh did I love that thing, unfortunately later I gave it to my step cousin in the hopes that he’d pick up yoyoing (he didn’t).
From there I got a fast 201 on yye and that year for Christmas a maverick and xconvict. Fast forward 4 years, and I finally got back into yoyoing, and here I am! :smiley:

Sorry for the relatively long post guys. :slight_smile:

I started yoyoing for about 2 month when I was 9 in China, because of Blazing Teens. Then I took a 7 year hiatus, then I saw Issac Sams’s video on the Duncan Metal drifter.

The yoyo part for me was very similar. I had a clear imperial shaped yoyo that i learned gravity pull on. I’m not sure how I lost that, but I wish i still had it. That was a long time ago, maybe 5-10 years. I got a duncan mosquito a few years later, and I learned a lot of the basics, like around the world and rock the baby. Then like half a year later (?) I started yoyoing, with the same duncan mosquito, except I had to use any old string I could find in the house :stuck_out_tongue:

The first yo-yo I have a memory of owning is a Duncan Firewheel when I was about 5. I wouldn’t leave the shop until my Mum bought it for me (yeah, I was a brat…still am). After that, I really don’t remember owning any yo-yos until the summer of '89 when I finished high school and Coke/Russell did a big yo-yo promotion (they called them Spinners). That’s when I learned the basics (looping, trapeze, picture tricks), but I only stayed with it for about 6 months.

Then when I moved to the US in '96 I was working with a guy who was friends with Jennifer Baybrook so he would yo-yo - I bought a Yomega Fireball (my first transaxle) and then a Team Losi Da Bomb and that’s when I stuck with it. I started reading yo-yo forums (Dave’s Wonderful World, etc) and became friends with Dave, from there I built him a new web store from scratch ( and later the Museum which obviously I’m very proud of.

Started out with a duncan butterfly i won at a store back 4 years ago. Messed around with it till i realized i needed more! Loved it until i got a knot around the axel…so i moved up to a mosquito and later onto a yyj legacy :slight_smile:

I didn’t find yoyo. Yoyo found me.

Smothers Brothers yoyo-man skit and their instructional yoyo video from the 80’s

-I always liked how yoyos played, and looked out for promotional yoyos when I was really small
-Then one day there was a yoyo program at my elementary school and they were selling yoyos, so I stole $15 from my parents and bought 2 :o :-
-Years later when I was in Middle School I decided to get back into yoyoing. Like a NOOB, I bought a YYF Whip without knowing what unrespsonsive is

Clint Armstrong lent me and JT our first yoyos back in high school. He taught me to bind randomly one afternoon because I thought it looked cool, and I was just hooked. I think being done with sports and starting college I was looking for something new to try out and push myself with, and yoyo just sort of fit the bill. I’ve been a very competitive person my whole life, so the appeal of being able to do something competitively as well as just for fun in my own spare time was what held my attention. I watched waaaaaay too many Jensen Kimmitt videos when I first started since it was right after he won the world comp, and then he started LSFC and those videos were instant favorites of mine. The rest is history.

First yoyo was as a little kid, but I think everyone had at least one pass through their house at some point.
I didn’t really get into it until I was given one on an online secret santa because my match saw I was into other skill toys.
Didn’t realize how much I’d like it.

I got a cheap dollarama clutch and I dropped out then about 7 months ago I got a brain from yomega and then a velocity.

25 years ago got a brass colored super light metal yoyo on vacation in Disney world

I watched an anime called Super Yoyo and I was hooked ever since.

I saw a yoyo at toys r us. I wanted to see how many times I could make it go up and down. So I bought it.

blazing teens 1 or perhaps even before that