Semi annual and Annual budget.

If you are a kid or even a grown up and you have to make a budget for yoyos and yoyo related stuff how much budget would you align for semi annual or annual. For me semi annually 150 dollars and annually 300 dollars. How much budget would you make?

Im allegedly a grown up, but I still need to budget for toys and fun (part of being an adult is making sure your family has food, shelter and clothing). That being said, I think people go through phases with yoyo or any hobby. You start with buying a lot of different styles/shapes/weights etc which allows you to figure out what you like most.

Each person will have a different budget, but, what is important is to remember that after a certain level of quality, likely it isn’t the yoyo that is keeping them from landing tricks, it is practice and skill. Just look at the YYF product videos, the Pros are doing things with OneStars and Whips that I couldn’t do (yet) with the most perfect yoyo ever made (whatever that is).

To sort of answer the original question, I put a few dollars aside each week for hobbies. As my interest change, I sell things to help fund new hobbies.

I try to hold myself to a “one new yoyo a year” rule, though I’ll sometimes (usually (always)) cave and buy two. Price doesn’t matter; so long as I adhere to this rule, this is a cheap hobby.

My budget has $35 every 2 weeks (payday) for yoyo related purchases.

I don’t really have a budget it really just depends on if I can afford it at the time or not.

I don’t have a yo-yo specific budget, but I do have a disposable/discretionary income budget. What I spend it on is a decision that has to be made in the context of the time.

A yo-yo today may mean no trip to the movies tomorrow, or new fountain pen, soap making supply or other hobby stuff.

Whoah, dude that’s crazy. Only 2 per year?! Wow.

Between $2000-$6000. Running a company costs ya some money.

And a thing to clear that I don’t have a budget like I was saying that it will be good if that’s the budget.

I don’t have a budget and especially since the three years I have been yoyoing. I went from a kid in high school with no job to an adult with a job that has to pay bills. I just buy yoyo stuff if I like it and I have the money for it that’s it.

I don’t keep a budget, but I still save 1/3 of all the money I make, and the other 2/3 is used for entertainments, such as yoyoing or video games or movies, going to six flags etc

Every cent

My wife and I have discretionary money that we give ourselves every pay period. This is money that’s “guilt free, buy whatever you want without the family faulting you for it” money. I happen to spend a great deal of it on yoyos. But it’s not specifically “yoyo money”, so I don’t have a set amount for this hobby in particular. If I wanted to use all of it, it would be into the thousands per year.

Trading is a good thing for the yoyo-addicted. :wink:

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Preach it!!!
But seriously tho, im a tradeaholic (in real life. and yes i know my trade count on here is 0 XD)

Anyways, as far as my budget goes, it is usually saving up whatever is left of what my parents give me for lunch money when i go to Go Big Skill Toy’s yoyo workshops.

In other words, I windowshop for every yoyo i want (obviously quite expensive) but yet having $25 is like winning the lottery :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

For my first couple years of yoyoing, it was more like 60 per year, so my average is still rather high.

my budget is exactly $howevermuchtheyoyosidecidetobuyeachyearcost

now that i have cured myself of the disease of impulse buying tons of yoyos at retail price, pinpointing what i look for in a yoyo, and being happy to sell/trade something i dont love quickly, this is a very inexpensive hobby. it was never even close to interfering with my personal finances but now and then i did look at a full yoyo case of throws i rarely picked up and feel a bit guilty, thats not really an issue now

pretty much me. It sucks.

I don’t have a set annual or semi annual budget. I only get really curious how much I’ve spent at the end of the year.